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Faculty Enrichment

Welcome to the Faculty Enrichment Series in Conscious Sedation. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on the icon below and go the site and download a free copy.

Acrobat Reader

Course Syllabus 75 kb 9 pages
Letter and Objectives 18 kb 2 pages
Cardiac ECG - Weeks 1 and 3 2.5 Mb 14 pages
Riverside Directions 255 kb 2 pages
“Patient Risk Assessment & Levels of Conscious Sedation”
from Malamed pp. 8-62
207 kb 13 pages
Monitoring during Conscious Sedation
Conscious Sedation - Malamed chapter 5
5th ed.; Page 63 – 86

Armamentarium & Venipuncture
Conscious Sedation - Malamed chapters 22-24
5th ed.; Page 280 – 315

12.2 Mb 12 pages
Pre-Sedation Instructions 45 kb 1 page
Conscious Sedation Monitoring Form 67 kb 1 page
"Emergency Preparation and Management"
from Malamed, pp. 438-492
314 kb 14 pages
ACLS Student Disk
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Effects of Sedatives and Narcotics 27 MB 51 pages
Local Anesthetics 7 MB 12 pages
Electrical Activity and Function of the Heart 32 kb 8 pages
Recognition and Management of Cardiac Dysrhythmias 14.4 MB 35 pages
Use of Conscious Sedation in Pediatric and Medically Compromised Patients 2.2 MB 13 pages
Conscious Sedation in Geriatric and Medically Compromised Adults 3.4 MB 7 pages
Ten Medications to Avoid 100 kb 2 pages
Intravenous Moderate Conscious Sedation 464 kB 6 pages
IV Complications 1.1 Mb 5 pages
Anatomy and Electrical Activity of the Heart 5.9 MB 15 pages
Administration of Conscious Sedation via Oral, Sublingual, Intranasal and Intramuscular Routes 2.4 MB 11 pages
Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Sedation 500 kb 6 pages
Anatomy & Electrical Activity of the Heart - Part 1 7.9 MB 16 pages
Anatomy & Electrical Activity of the Heart - Part 2 8.8 MB 20 pages

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