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Graduate Program Faculty

The faculty of Graduate Periodontology have a diverse background of graduate training, including the Universities of Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, New York. As a result, varying philosophies of clinical practice and research interests are inherent to the Graduate Periodontology Program. Areas of research interest currently involve: histological evaluation of regenerative procedures, longitudinal trials of antimicrobial agents, genetic relationship of periodontal status, implantology and systemic diseases related to periodontal status and others.

Graduate Program Full-Time Faculty

Bashar Bakdash, DDS, MPH, MSD
Massimo Costalonga, DMD, PhD
James E. Hinrichs, DDS, MS
Deborah K. Johnson, BS, DDS
Bryan Michalowicz, DDS, MS
Daniel Skaar, DDS, MS, MBA
Larry Wolff, PhD, DDS

Graduate Program Clinical Faculty

Robert Beaumont DDS, MSD; Diplomat ABP
Russell Dylla DDS
Patrick Ennen DDS, MSD
Roger Ettel DDS, MS; Diplomat ABP
Jonathan Jenkins DDS, MS; Diplomat ABP
Jane M. Jensen DDS, MS; Diplomat ABP
Robert L. Jensen DDS, MSD; Diplomat ABP
Jason Johnson DDS, MS
Don Lareau DDS, MS
Charles McCann DDS, MS
Satya Molleti DDS, MS ; Diplomat ABP

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