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Study Abroad Online Workshop

About this workshop

About the workshop—In January 2006, the Parent Program joined with the Learning Abroad Center in presenting a workshop for parents on learning abroad. University staff and administrators were joined by a panel of students who shared their study abroad experiences, and a panel of parents whose students had participated in learning abroad programs.

The workshop was presented before an audience of University of Minnesota parents, and taped so that the material presented could be made available to a larger audience. The video, audio, and podcast of the workshop are posted below. We encourage parents to consider the materials presented here as introductory, and to have their students contact the Learning Abroad Center for more information about the opportunities available to them.

The PowerPoint presentations that accompanied some of the presentations are available in PDF form; you may want to print them before watching the segment.

Tell us what you think—After you have viewed the workshop, please help us by filling out the evaluation form. Your input will be useful in helping us to plan future workshops on this and other topics, and in deciding whether to present them on the web.

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PDFs: Reference material to accompany presentations

Student perspectives
Bee Lee, University student, traveled to Italy and Thailand
Claribel Gross, University student, traveled to Ghana
Heidi Skallet, University student, traveled to Kenya
19 minutes

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How does learning abroad fit into the curriculum?
Presenter: Dr. Laura Coffin Koch
7 minutes

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Learning abroad: the basics (including financial aid)
Presenter: Jodi Malmgren

Strategies for support: a parent's role in the learning abroad process
Presenter: Antonia Lortis
38 minutes

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Learning Abroad Center presentation.pdf

Parent perspectives
Dan Hartnett, University parent; Mark Stennes, University parent; Diane Stennes, University parent
14 minutes

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