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Online Workshops, Seminars, and Guides

The University Parent Program has developed a series of online workshops in coordination with other University offices and experts.

Each workshop topic features presentations from speakers in three different formats—video, audio, and podcast (mp3). The presentations vary in length between 3 minutes for the shortest presentation to 38 minutes for the longest.

Parents can choose their main topic of interest, then choose specific presentations within that topic. The download pages for the workshops have instructions and advice for each of the three download formats. In general, you should begin by selecting the format that is most appropriate for your internet connection.

  • Select video presentations if you have a broadband connection.
  • Select audio presentations if you use a dial-up or modem connection.
  • Select the podcast presentation if you have a broadband connection and want to download an entire workshop (rather than downloading the individual presentations one at a time).

Go to a specific workshop for more information about downloading the presentations.


Parent's Guide to Career Planning

General information on the career selection and development process, plus tips on how parents can help. Download this career guide presentation with helpful resources.

Career Guide (5 MB PDF)

The Parent Connection: Understanding Student Records Privacy

Information on data privacy related to student records, plus tips on how parents can get the information they need.

Understanding Student Records Privacy (1.4 MB PDF)


Housing Workshop

Mental Health Workshop


Seminar for Parents: Alcohol Use on Campus
Accurate and up-to-date information on the issues and challenges college students and their families might face related to alcohol use during the college years.

Seminar for Parents: College Finance
Talking points and information for working with your student about successfully navigating their finances during college.