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Updating Existing Pages

  1. Open the Parent site in Content Manager (see figure A).
  2. If prompted, enter your User Name and Password and select OK.
  3. Find and click on the page in the site you’d like to modify.
  4. Select the “Go to this section of your site” link on the right. You will be brought to the page that you want to edit.
  5. Click the icon with the pencil (edit region content icon) in the upper right where you see “BodyContent” (see figure B).
  6. In the content editor, you can edit the page title, the body content (middle section), right column, and related links for the left navigation.

    To add content copied from a Word document, click on the "Paste from Word" icon in the toolbar (see figure C).  (Also see Pasting Text into UMContent below for more information).

    Add images and styles as needed. See the Style Guide if you have questions.

    After making your changes, hit the “Save and Close” tab at the top right (see figure C).
  7. After saving the page, the updated page will load (you may need to refresh if you don’t see your changes). Review your changes and check any links.
  8. Example of green icon for workflow.
    Figure D. The page is in workflow.

  9. On the updated page, the “BodyContent” menu will now have a green gear icon on the left. This icon indicates that the page is now in workflow (see figure D).

  10. Example of email notification for workflow.Figure E.

  11. At this point, you will receive an email notifying you that the page is in workflow and that you need to approve the page in order to make it live (see figure E).

    You many continue to make changes to the page in UMContent before approving it.

    Example of approving a document.
    Figure F.

    You will receive only one email notification no matter how many times you go back to make changes.
  12. When you've finished editing the page and you're ready to make it live, click on the page icon and in the menu, choose "Approve Document" (see figure F).

Your page will publish to the live site.

Pasting Text into UMContent

Typically, you'll be pasting content into UMContent from another source. There are two icons in the toolbar that must be used to do this.

When pasting in copy from a Word document, click on the icon with the "W" on it and paste.

When pasting in copy from any other source, such as an email, a PDF, or a web page, click on the icon with the "T" on it and paste.

Using these icons will keep unwanted, extra code from getting into UMContent.

Text iconsClick on one of these two text icons when pasting text into UMContent.


Example of content manager screen.Figure A. The content manager screen.

Example of edit body content image.Figure B. Body content editor icon.

Example of icons in content editor.Figure C. "Save and close" and text editor icons.

Important note about pages going live

All web pages in the Parent site are set to go live, or deploy, once an hour except for the home page. The home page deploys every 5 minutes.

If you put a link on the home page (in the Hot Topics section, for example) to another page on the site (the Health and Safety page, for example) be sure that the Health and Safety page has deployed before you put the link to the home page.