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Update the Question of the Month

Updating the question of the month is a two-part process. You need to add a new question and the answers using the form in UMContent then immediately after that, you must edit the question on the home page. You should always start by adding a new question.

Add a new question

  1. Go to the Question of the Month Manager and click on "Manage Questions" in the left navigation (see figure A).
  2. Question of the month
    Figure A. Question of the Month in the "Manager."

  3. On the Manage Questions page, click on the "Add a Question" link (it doesn't really look like a link, but it is!) (see figure B).
  4. Select the appropriate Month and Year from the dropdowns and then enter in the question as you want it to appear on the Parent site. Click on the “Set Current” box and the “Add Question” button. Note: You can add questions at any time without making the question "current." (see figure C)
  5. You will see your new question appear in the list below the form. Don't worry, the question is not live on the website yet.
  6. Now you need to add the answers for the question.

Add answers

  1. Find your new question in the list and click on the "Edit" link (see figure D).
  2. At this point, if you need to edit your new question, you may do so, then hit the "Modify Question" button.
  3. Next you'll need to choose your question type (see figure F). If only one response can be chosen from a list of options, select "Single response". If more than one response can be chosen, select "Multiple choice."
  4. The "Question Visible" section is defaulted to "No" and should remain that way until you are ready to publish the question.
  5. In the "Add Responses" section, add the individual responses in the order in which you'd like them to appear. Type in an answer and hit the "Add Response" button. Each new response will be added to the "Edit Responses" section (see figure E).
  6. If you've made a typo or would like to edit a response, make your changes to the response and click "Save."
  7. Once you've finished adding your question and responses, change the "Question Visible" to "Yes" and the question will publish to the website. You should update the question on the Parent home page immediately after you've made the new question live.

Parent - QOM example
Figure G. Example of the Question of the Month on the home page.

Update the question on the home page

  1. Open the Question of the Month in the content editor (copy and paste this link into your browser):
  2. Click the edit region content icon in the upper right where you see “BodyContent.”
  3. In the Description section, update the introductory sentence, make a hard return, and update the question. The question should be bold (see figure G).
  4. The link to the question should not be changed.
  5. When finished, click "Save and Close".
  6. The update will be automatically pushed to the live website in 5 to 10 minutes.

Add a question
Figure B. "Add a question" link.


Example of Question of the Month on the home page
Figure C. Month and year dropdowns, add a question.

Edit a question
Figure D. Edit a question.

Edit response
Figure E. Your responses can be seen in the "Edit Responses" section.

Question type
Figure F. Choose a single or multiple response.