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Update the Highlights Section

Update "In the News"

  1. To update "In the News," go to the Highlights page in UMContent (bookmark this link).
  2. Click on the "Body Content" editor in the upper left and edit, keeping the same style for the news story links.
  3. When adding a link to a new story, either select and type over an old link, or just type in a new one (deleting any older articles - there should be no more than two to three at any time).
  4. Once you've typed in the new link, select it and click on the link icon in the tool bar (the little globe with the chain) to make the link. See "Making Links" for more detail about the wonders of it all.
  5. Click on the button for "Link to the following URL" and add the new link.
  6. Click "Finish" in the lower right, and your link will appear. It's always a good idea to test the link at this point to make sure it's going where you intended.

 Update "Hot Topics"

The "Hot Topics" section on the home page can be freely updated at any time from the Highlights section. Keep the amount of text to a minimum to avoid pushing the page down once the text is published.

Parent - highlight example
Example of the Highlights section on the home page.