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The following steps will help you set up the pages you need to put a Parent newsletter online.

Create a New Section and Add Articles

  1. Create a new section within the "News and Events" > "Articles" section of the site hierarchy (See figure A) by clicking on the "Articles" section, then clicking the "Add a new sub-section to this section of your site" link.
  2. You'll then get a small box in the upper left side of your screen. The name of the section should be the semester (Winter or Spring) followed by the year. When giving the section a name, be sure to lower case the URL directory name and add hyphens where spaces were (See figure B).
  3. The new section will appear in the "Articles" section at the bottom of the list. You will not add content to the new page itself, but will now add pages within the new section.
  4. Create a new section within the new one you just created. This will be the first newsletter article.
  5. Give the new section the same name as the name of the article.
  6. Click on the new article section and then click on "Go to this section of your site."
  7. Create your new article page based on the information found in Creating a new page.
  8. Continue to create new article pages until you've entered all articles in the newsletter.

Update the News and Events Page

  1. Once all your newsletter articles are in place, edit the News and Events page to link to the individual articles (See figure C).
  2. Write some short teaser text about each article and make links using the full name of the article.
  3. The newsletter image doesn't really need to change. If you would like a new one, talk to Kathy.
  4. Upload the PDF of the newsletter in UMContent and change the "Download the Newsletter" link to go to the current newsletter.

Newsletter Images

  1. Talk to Kathy about the images you'd like for each story.
  2. Kathy will size the images according to where you'd like them placed on the page and will either send them to you to load into UMContent, or - time permitting - load them into UMContent and send you the image names.

Newsletter Archives

  1. Once the newsletter is ready to go, go to the manager page.
  2. Locate the newsletter section, e.g., "Spring 2012," and click once on the section.
  3. In the options to the right under "Section," check on the "Include in Navigation" checkbox.
    Note: Greyed out folders indicate sections where this option is not checked on.
  4. Check on "Include in Navigation" for any subsections.
  5. Drag the section onto the first section under "Articles" (e.g., drag the "Spring 2012" folder onto the "Winter 2012" folder).
  6. Choose "Move Before section 'xxxxxxx'" to put the sections in the correct order.


Parent-example of hierarchy
Figure A. Example of "Articles" section in site hierarchy.

Parent-example of url
Figure B. Example of lower case URL naming.

Figure C. Example of News and Events page.