Email Pages in UMContent

Each email sent to the Parent listserv should be transferred to the Parent website.

Make a new page for the email

  • Copy the text of the email excluding the footer information that begins with the italicized "If you have a question or comment...". (You'll want to keep the email open on your desktop as you will need to go back to it several times to copy links.)
  • Add a new section to UMContent within the "Email" section of the "News and Events" section (See figure A).
  • The section label for the page should be the month abbreviation, the day, and the year. For example: Jan. 05, 2012.
  • The URL for the section should be year, dash, month, dash, day. For example: 2011-02-09.
  • Go to the new page you've created and paste the content of the email into the Body Content area using the "T" icon image in the menu.
  • The first thing you need to do is get rid of the double dashes in front of the contents at the beginning of the email and replace them with bullets.
  • Delete the dashes, then select the list at hit the bulleted list icon in the menu bar (See figure B).
  • Go through the email and make third-level headings out of the headings that are bold in the email. In order to do this without going into the source code, you'll need to delete the space between the first sentence after a heading, then make a return. Doing this will put the proper markup in the HTML and allow you to simply select the heading (first removing the double dashes) and use the "Format" dropdown in the menu bar to change the heading to an <h3>, or heading 3.
  • Now go back to the email and start copying links. Copy links from the email and make the links in UMContent. I there are any phone numbers that appear as links in the email, do not make them links in UMContent. Be sure all email addresses have "mailto:" in front of the email address (they should copy with that info).
  • At some point, be sure to add a title to the page. All email pages should follow this standard for the title: "Parent Email–March 19, 2012."

Link to the new email page

  • When you've finished adding content to the new email page in UMContent, go into the News and Events page.
  • Go into the content editor for the News and Events page and scroll down to the Email Updates section in the body of the page.
  • Add the most recent email at the top of the list. Use the bulleted index from the top of the email to show the subjects covered in the message.
  • Link to the new email page (link to a section) from the dateline for the email.
  • Remove the link to the last email in the list (but remember what the date was).
  • Go to the Parent Newsletter and Email Archive page and add the email you removed to the top of the email archive list in the right column.  

Figure A. The email page hierarchy.

 Parent-Bullet example
Figure B. Making bullets.