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Your Student's Experience

During the time your student spends at the University, there will be a number of subjects you may want to know more about in order to guide your student when needed.

Sections of this site, listed below, are devoted to giving you the information or links to other sites at the University that have the information you need.

Academics and Career Planning

The courses your student chooses and the major they pursue is front and center to their University experience. In addition to their courses, your student will have a number of opportunities to enhance their learning experience through things like study abroad or student organizations and activities on campus.

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Students should also be planful when it comes to their career. As they go through their college years, there are many resources available to them to assist them in finding employment after graduation.

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Health and Safety

Once your student leaves your house, their health and safety is chiefly in their own hands. The University campus has many resources for students to maintain good health, find the kind of help they need when they need it, and advice and resources for being safe.

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Timely Issues

The weather, the academic cycle, and even the athletic teams can affect your student's temperament and productivity as the year goes by. Timely Issues talks about some of the issues that are likely to affect students this time of year.

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Seasonal Updates

As the seasons change, so does the information parents need to know. See Seasonal Updates for an abbreviated academic calendar for spring semester and May and summer sessions, links to the spring semester and summer tuition payment schedule, information about stress and finals, spring commencement, moving out, resources for off-campus living, and more.

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Housing, Food, and Money

Many housing options are available for students both on and off campus and for a variety of prices and living styles. No matter where your student lives, there are dining options to fit a student budget.

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Parents want to know the bottom line. How much will tuition cost? How much will books cost? How much does it cost to live in a dorm vs off-campus? How do I pay for this?

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Here you’ll find information on busing, parking, biking, walking, and HOURCAR at the University of Minnesota.

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News, Advice, and Involvement

Stay up-to-date with what’s happening on campus by signing up for parent emails. All parents receive the University Parent newsletter, mailed in August, December, and March. It can be found in News and Events.

Advice about a number of subjects and involvement opportunities for parents can be found in the Parent Advice and Involvement section.