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Help Support Study Paws!

The University Parent Fund was initiated in 2003 with a donation from a parent who was grateful for support provided to her by the Parent Office. We are currently seeking donations to support Study Paws, a program providing weekly visits from therapy pet teams to help students reduce and cope with stress.

Therapy pet teams are trained for the campus setting to help the pets and their handlers become familiar with the University of Minnesota, address cultural diversity, learn therapeutic communication techniques, and attend to concerns specific to college students.

Mental health is the primary public health issue on campuses throughout the country. Experiences at the U and other campuses have demonstrated the stress reduction potential of visits by trained pet therapy teams. Since nearly two-thirds of U.S. households have pets, it is not surprising that many students miss their pets, and they appreciate the therapeutic benefits of spending time with animals.

The University Parent Fund is part of the University of Minnesota Foundation, which was established in 1962 by 21 alumni and friends. The Foundation advances the University's mission of teaching, research, and outreach to the community by raising and managing private dollars for scholarships, world-class faculty, leading-edge research, new facilities, and academic programs on all four campuses of the University of Minnesota.

Gifts to the University of Minnesota are fully deductible charitable contributions. Please donate to the University Parent Fund to support projects that will benefit you and your student.

Student with therapy dog.