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Timely Issues

The weather, the academic cycle, and even the athletic teams can affect your student's temperament and productivity as the year goes by. Some of the issues that are likely to affect students this time of year are listed below.


  • Excitement over signs of spring; euphoria with any indication of warm weather
  • The pace of social activities, parties, and celebrations speeds up
  • Sense of urgency about plans for roommates, living arrangements for next year; panic may arise over not finding a roommate, apartment
  • For sophomores, especially, concern heightens about selecting a major
  • Intense anxiety over grades, final exams; for freshmen, the excuse of “first semester” is gone, and they feel grades must be better than fall
  • For seniors, either separation anxiety begins to arise or there’s a feeling that “I can’t wait to be done!” Some seniors will start to disengage from friends; most want to cement their college relationships and find more time to spend with friends. 

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and many students will enter into new relationships. With the end of the academic year on the horizon, these relationships can intensify quickly.

By now, students have come to trust their neighbors and feel comfortable on campus. This is when students forget to be cautious in their room or apartment or while walking around campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. In order to avoid the possibility of theft and assault, please remind your student to lock doors, keep windows secured, use the Campus Escort Service, and be alert.