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Timely Issues

The weather, the academic cycle, and even the athletic teams can affect your student's temperament and productivity as the year goes by. Some of the issues that are likely to affect students this time of year are listed below.


  • Anxiety over mid-term results
  • Excitement about spring break plans*
  • Depression among those who can’t afford to travel for spring break
  • For seniors, realization that this is the last spring break, the last spring, the last March they will be on campus; last chances to be with friends
  • Anxiety intensifies about roommates and living arrangements for next year
  • Discussion of plans for the summer as students think about internships and summer jobs
  • Frustration over snow or bad weather; “won’t this ever end?”

From now until the end of the semester, the frenzy grows with each passing week. There will be signs of spring, which send students outdoors to bask in any patch of sunlight they can find. Conversely, extended periods of cold and snow cause frustration and depression. 

It still feels like there is plenty of time left in the semester, so there is not a great urgency to get work done. Planning for spring break and a week off (March 16-20) is a priority. Students will begin thinking—and worrying—about registration for fall semester. Sophomores may experience extra anxiety if they have not yet declared a major; students are expected to identify a major by the time they have earned 60 credits.

*Students need to be aware of spring break scams—if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. The Minnesota Attorney General provides information on precautions to take related to travel packages.