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Public Safety Update

December 18, 2014

> With Fall Semester wrapping up and the entire University looking forward to the upcoming break, our partners in the Minneapolis Police Department have asked that we share a few common-sense safety tips for everyone living in the neighborhoods around campus. As students go home and fewer people are out and about in the neighborhoods, the opportunity for property crimes like burglary and theft from motor vehicles can increase. The Minneapolis Second Precinct has offered the following advice to help reduce the chance for crimes to occur:

  • Take as many valuables with you as you can
  • For the valuables you can't take with you, be sure to secure the items in a locked room or hide them from public view
  • Take pictures and record the serial numbers of all valuables
  • Lock your windows and doors as you leave
  • Ask roommates or friends who are staying to keep an eye on things and report any suspicious behavior
  • Have your mail picked up by a friend

Here on campus, things will also quiet down considerably over the next few weeks. University staff should be aware of the comings and goings in office and administrative buildings, and as always, don't hesitate to call 911 if you see anything suspicious or feel unsafe in any way. And one final tip: If you open your office window to enjoy some fresh air, please remember to close it again so pipes don't freeze and burst.

Have a safe and happy holiday season and winter break.

This message was approved by the Vice President for University Services of the University of Minnesota and sent to all Twin Cities students, faculty, and staff.

Visit the safety pages at the METRO Green Line website for more information on LRT safety, how to use bike boxes, and other safety messages.

For more safety and security information,  see the University's SafeU website.

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