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News and Events

All parents receive the University Parent newsletter, mailed in August, December, and March. Past issues can be found in the newsletter archive.

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Spring 2014

A campus-wide emphasis on safety—the University provides a multipronged approach to safety on and near campus..

We Need Your Feedback—take the Parent survey to help in developing parent services.

Advocating for the University of Minnesota—help the University to accomplish its capital funding request.

Communication and consultation—guide your student in adopt ing a consultation mentality.

Miscellaneous—Grad Fest '14, Commencement, Classes Without Quizzes, The Job Search, how to receive the Parent email newsletter

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Recent Parent Email

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July 16, 2014
Parents of First-Year Students; Parents of Commuters; Boynton Closed July 30-August 4; Major Network; Fall 2014 UPass; Fall Student Contract Parking Lottery; Social Media for Parents; Minnesota Parents Association; Miscellaneous

May 9, 2014
Message from the President; Finals Week; End-of-Semester PAWS Event; Health Care During the Summer; Summer U-Pass; Spring Semester Grades; Parents Weekend Update; Join CFANS Global Learning Adventure; Heating to Cooling Changeover; Miscellaneous

April 23, 2014
Light Rail Is Coming Soon; Recognition for President Kaler; Note to Parents of Graduating Students; Care Packages; Residence Hall Move Out; Off-Campus Move Out; Summer School Housing; Note to Parents of Incoming Students; Parent Fund; Miscellaneous

April 11, 2014
Message from President Kaler

April 9, 2014
Topic of Conversation; Commencement; Financial Information; Student Volunteers Needed for Parents Weekend Committee; Help with Research and Writing; Career Planning; Career Preparation for Seniors; Start Me Up; World's Largest Textile Garage Sale; PAWS; Miscellaneous

March 27, 2014
Spring Weather; Join the Legislative Network; Northrop Re-Opening; Making Sense of Learning Abroad; Feel Better Fast; Smart Learning Commons; Free English as a Second Language (ESL) Support; Opportunities to Study Off-Campus This Summer; Financial Update; Paratransit Requests Online; Campus Pothole Hotline; Miscellaneous

March 5, 2014
Message from the President: Toward a Smoke-Free Campus; Parent Discount for Big 10 Basketball; Major Madness from CAPE; Health Careers Center; Student Safety Forum; Light Rail Is Coming; Hear from University Experts at Classes Without Quizzes; Tuition Payments; Parent Survey: Please Respond; Miscellaneous

February 20, 2014
Board of Regents Supports Campus Safety Initiatives; Meet the Parent Program Staff, with Wings; Student Safety Town Hall; Northrop Grand Reopening; 2014 State of the U Address; Drug Free University Policy; University Medical School Admissions Information; Do-It-Yourself Tools for Resolving Student Conflicts; Miscellaneous

February 6, 2014
Message from the President; Self-Defense Workshops; Study PAWS; Job and Internship Fair; Welcome Week Leaders; One Stop Hours; IRS Form 1098; Tax Assistance for Students; Miscellaneous

January 21, 2014
Message from the President; Safety Update; Crime Alerts and Public Safety Updates; Scholarship Search; Honorary Societies; Spring Activities Fair; Peace Corps Information Session; Dining Options for Off-Campus Students; Housing for 2014-2015; Parent/Student Community Service; New Year's Resolutions; Miscellaneous

January 10, 2014
Financial Aid Information for Spring; Financial Literacy for Graduating Seniors; Career Fair; Increased Campus Bus Service; Safety Tips for Mobile Devices; Welcome Week Leaders Recruitment; Summer Study Opportunity for International High School Students; Miscellaneous

December 19, 2013
A Time for Conversations; Final Grades; Affording Study Abroad; Student Health Survey; Student Health Insurance; Planned IT Outage; Undergraduate Research; Miscellaneous

December 10, 2013
Message from President Kaler; Snow Emergencies; Campus Bus Route Changes; Exam Preparations; Finals Care Packages; CFANS Tree Sale; Gopher Football at Texas Bowl; Extreme Makeover: Major Edition!; Miscellaneous 

November 27, 2013
Campus Safety a Top Priority; Student Safety Tips; Adopt A Family Update; Weather Emergencies; Student Mental Health; CSE Illumination; Miscellaneous

November 20, 2013
Message from President Kaler; Adopt a Family; Service-Learning Classes for Spring Semester; Financial Update; Study Paws Update; Snow Fence Contest Results; Miscellaneous

November 13, 2013
Campus Safety Message from President Kaler; Holiday Planning; Spring Semester Parking Lottery; Student Technology Peer Tutoring; Give to the MAX Day; Miscellaneous

November 11, 2013
University alert.

November 4, 2013
Housing Workshop Online; Study Paws; Libraries: More than Books; Veterans Appreciation Day; Strengths Workshops; Nutrition Counseling; Investigate CSI; Planning for Spring Semester; Learning Abroad; Miscellaneous

October 24, 2013
Paratransit on Campus; Special Offer From Athletics: Football Tickets for Parents; Parents Weekend Follow-up; Financial Update; WAM Bees
Major Scare Halloweekend; Strengths Videos; Safety Day; Miscellaneous

October 16, 2013
President Kaler's Update; Change in Thursday's Volleyball Time; Open Basketball Scrimmage Friday; Dakota Sacred Sites Tour; Guidebook for Second-Year Students; Well-being for Students and Parents; Parents Weekend Update; Campus Safety; Miscellaneous

October 3, 2013
Etiquette and Careers Dinner; Strengths at the U; Saturday Scholars; Financial Update; Safety and Security on Campus; Campus Buildings: From Cooling to Heating; Free Volleyball Tickets; Miscellaneous

September 25, 2013
Messages from President Kaler and Provost Hanson; Parents Weekend: Register by October 1; Info Session on Winter Break Study Abroad; Health Careers Week & Health Careers Fair; Financial Update; Concerts on the Mall; Parents' Role in Student Success; University of Minnesota Police Department; Miscellaneous

September 16, 2013
Parents Weekend: Learn About Housing Options for Next Year; @home in Minnesota: Chicago Area Families; Dream Act Eligibility; Student Job Documentation; Happening This Week; Influenza Vaccinations; On-Campus Support Groups and Workshops; Future Teachers; Parents' Role in Student Success; Miscellaneous

September 9, 2013
Financial Update; Online Classes for Student Success; Getting Students Involved; International Service Learning Trip for Families; School Supply Drive for Parents Weekend; Learn and Earn: Upcoming UROP Deadline; UM-TCF Partnership: News Stories; Miscellaneous

September 3, 2013
President Kaler's Message to the Class of 2017; Parents' Role in Student Success; Student Health Benefit Plan; Student Shopping Day at the ReUse Center; Boynton's St. Paul Clinic; Financial Information; Move-In Reports; Miscellaneous

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Parents at a football game.

Events for Parents

Save the Dates

Parents Weekend 2014 is scheduled for September 26-27. Parents Weekend features opportunities for parents and students to spend time together, both in scheduled activities and on your own.

A detailed schedule and registration information will be included in upcoming parent emails and in a mailing to be sent in August. To sign up for email updates, send your email address to

Gopher Sports Family Weekend, October 10 and 11. Join the crowd and cheer for the Gophers on Friday and Saturday, October 10 and 11. For more information, see Events for Parents.

There are a number of events throughout the year that parents can attend.

Find out more about Events for Parents  >

Timely Issues

The weather, the academic cycle, and even the athletic teams can affect your student's temperament and productivity as the year goes by. Timely Issues talks about some of the issues that are likely to affect students this time of year.

See Timely Issues >

Seasonal Updates

As the seasons change, so does the information parents need to know. See Seasonal Updates for important dates, links to the spring semester and summer tuition payment schedule, information about stress and finals, moving out, resources for off-campus living, and more.

See Seasonal Updates >