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Parent Email–May 29, 2013

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May 29, 2013

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  • Message from President Kaler
  • When Students Return Home
  • Transcripts
  • University Health Insurance Policy
  • Fall Parking Contract
  • Parents of Incoming Students
  • Summer Support Groups
  • Miscellaneous

Message from President Kaler

Dear Parents,

Thanks to you and hundreds of other supporters, the University’s Number One priority has become a reality (pending approval by our Board of Regents): a tuition freeze for Minnesota resident undergraduates for the next two academic years. This week Governor Dayton signed the higher education funding bill, which was passed by the Legislature and, hopefully, represents a renewed partnership.

This is a major victory for Minnesota students and you, their families. This investment will support the extraordinary education your student gains, including our outstanding faculty, cutting-edge research facilities, and an exceptional student experience.

A high-quality, affordable education is critical to the success of our students, and I encourage you to express your gratitude to your legislators and Governor Dayton for their strong support of the University.

Thank you again for your support and for sharing the energy and potential of your student with us at the University of Minnesota.

Eric Kaler
President, University of Minnesota

P.S. Please read this article from the May 18 St. Paul Pioneer Press. Minnesota business leaders clearly understand the value of the University of Minnesota to the state and the role they envision for your student.

When Students Return Home

If your student is back home after living on campus this year, he or she may be slowly adjusting to the homecoming. While students are relieved to have finals over and are looking forward to some unstructured time, they also may be struggling to figure out friendships. The high school friends they were so dedicated to a year ago might seem like strangers now. They miss their college friends and the independence of campus life. One student, arriving home after her first year, bluntly announced to her family that "There's nothing for me at home anymore. My life is at college."

You might find your student criticizing segments of family life that never were an issue before--like the contents of the refrigerator ("Can't you buy organic foods?"), the kind of car you drive ("Hybrid cars make so much more sense!"), or the TV programs the family watches ("Really? Reality shows? Can't you get your OWN life?"). Students will eventually settle in, and patience among all family members will help. It's important to set boundaries and define responsibilities, while giving students at least a bit of time to savor being back in their own bedrooms with no homework hanging over their heads.

For students who seem to be missing campus, see what the reaction is when you pull up a view of Northrop Mall on your computer.


Effective July 1, the price of all transcripts will increase from $12 to $15 each. All paper transcripts will be processed within one business day, and certified PDF transcripts can be processed and delivered within minutes of being ordered, regardless of the time of day. The International Priority delivery fee will increase from $20 to $25 for each address the transcript is being sent from.

The "Request for Official Transcript" form will be updated by July 1.If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us at

University Health Insurance Policy

Students who paid the spring 2013 Student Services Fee and who have health insurance can use Boynton Health Service during the summer. The East Bank clinic is open Monday through Friday for the summer. For further information, check the Boynton website.

A reminder: All students who are 1) admitted to a degree program and 2) registered for six or more credits per semester that count toward the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee are required by the U of M to have health plan coverage. Students who do not provide their insurance information to the University will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP). Students who have active health plan coverage but are still enrolled and charged for the SHBP will have until September 16, 2013, to complete the waiver process. Learn more at the Office of Student Health Benefits website.

Campus Parking

Students can enter the fall semester parking lottery for the chance to buy a guaranteed space in a specific location. The lottery sign up is online, and the deadline to enter is July 23; students can register through Parking & Transportation Services.

As of May 20, Victory Lot near TCF Bank Stadium will be this summer's designated carpool parking location with the discounted rate of $2.50/day before 9 a.m. Lot 94 on West Bank and Lot 101 in St. Paul will no longer serve as campus carpool locations.

Parents of Incoming Students

We just want you to know we're thinking about your student and you. Details are being finalized and trainings are underway for New Student and Parent Orientation. The schedule for your student's Welcome Week experience has been drafted. Residence hall staff are sorting through the housing applications in preparation for making room assignments. Faculty will be spending the summer revising or developing lesson plans and course activities. All this is happening before most of your students have even finished their senior year. We are looking forward to having your students on campus!

Summer Support Groups

University Counseling & Consulting Services provides student support groups on such topics as communication, self awareness, positive thinking, and stress management. Summer is a good time for students to focus on themselves by joining a support group or workshop. Students can call 612-624-3323 to schedule an orientation appointment, or click here for more information.


Sometimes students don't want to talk with their family about new medications or treatments that they began during the school year, but it is possible they may have had a recent medical appointment or need follow up. If your student is home for the summer, you can simply let your son or daughter know how to access any needed health care through your home clinic, or as noted above, if the student lives close to campus, he or she can access Boynton Health Service.

Please respond to the Question of the Month for May.