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Parent Email–March 1, 2013

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March 1, 2013

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  • State of the University
  • Major Decisions: A Job for CAPE
  • Absence Policy Reinstated
  • Careers in Law
  • Careers in Transportation
  • Preparation for K-12 Teaching
  • Do-It-Yourself Tools for Resolving Student Conflicts
  • Learning Abroad
  • Miscellaneous

Today marks the first day of "meteorological spring," and we'll take any definition that promises warmer weather. Spring Break is still 2-1/2 weeks away, March 18-22, and some students are starting to stash their down jackets back into the closet. If the sun is out this weekend, you may be able to watch the snow melt on Northrop Mall.

State of the University

U of M President Eric Kaler delivered his State of the Union Address yesterday, discussing the role of the University historically as well as projecting a vision for the future. His address is available online.

Major Decisions: A Job for CAPE

Spring is a time for hope and renewal, and for a good many students, that means re-envisioning their major and career plans. Second-year students in several colleges will be declaring a major and making a commitment to their goals for the next two years. Others will be recognizing that the plan they have chosen is either no longer possible or no longer their choice. For still others, it's just confusing.

The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE) works with students who are exploring their interests, need guidance in choosing a major, want advice about future careers, or don't know where to begin. This spring, CAPE is sponsoring a series of eight free workshops to help students develop a plan. Students can attend as many workshops as they wish. The schedule is posted on the CAPE website.

Absence Policy Reinstated

Effective February 25, the University reinstated its requirement for a doctor's note for excused absences from class due to illness. See the current policy on excused absences from class due to illness.

Careers in Law

The Careers in Law Forum offers information about law school, volunteer and internship opportunities, and professions in a wide range of law-related fields. Students are invited to attend from noon to 3 p.m., Wednesday, March 6, in the Willey Hall Atrium. The event is presented by University Student Legal Service (USLS), The Mock Trial Association, CLA Career Services, and the Pre-Law Society.

On the same day, USLS and the Law School Counsel will show the HBO documentary by Susan Saladoff that discusses tort reform and the judiciary. The program begins at 4:30 p.m., March 6, in Law 25 (in the Law School). A panel of legal experts will discuss how the famous McDonald's coffee case has impacted the civil justice system. A reception will follow with food and beverage.

Careers in Transportation

Students who are interested in a career in transportation, or who want to explore the many disciplines within the transportation industry, are invited to attend the Transportation Career Expo from 4:30 to 7:15 p.m., Tuesday, March 5, at Coffman Union's Great Hall. Students will learn about transportation career alternatives, career preparation strategies, and job opportunities. The event includes a keynote presentation, "How to Brand Your Way to Career Opportunities," roundtable discussions, and a reception offering employment-seeking and networking opportunities.

Preparation for K-12 Teaching

Students who are interested in licensure for teaching at the K-12 level can find information through the College of Education and Human Development.

Do-It-Yourself Tools for Resolving Student Conflicts

The Student Conflict Resolution Center (SCRC) has developed a set of resources designed to help resolve some of the most common campus-related issues that students encounter. These one-page resources are tailored specifically to the cases that most frequently challenge students. The DIYs are available on the SCRC website.

Learning Abroad

There has been a recent increase of promotions on campus related to study, learning, and travel abroad. In many cases, non-University programs are contacting departments, student groups, and returned student participants to promote learning abroad options that have no relation to the U of M. It is important for students to keep in mind that the Learning Abroad Center (LAC) on campus reviews and assesses an array of programs on a regular basis, in order to maximize student safety and learning.The LAC has clear information for programs looking to seek approval and affiliation with the University. For information on approved study abroad programs, see the LAC website.


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