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Parent Email–July 21, 2011

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We haven't told you lately how very much we appreciate the parents and families of our students. Your support for your student is a significant factor in your student's success. When parents understand the University of Minnesota experience and know the resources available on campus, students are more likely to find the help they need, when they most need it. They also are more likely to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. Thank you for supporting your student, reading the parent newsletter, and caring about the U of M.

Finance Update

Financial aid packages (Financial Aid Notices or eFAANs) for fall semester will be emailed to students the last week of July. Financial aid awards will be disbursed the week before fall semester begins. Students who have not yet applied for financial aid should submit their 2011-2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible for aid to be processed before the start of the semester. (Note: There are websites that charge a fee for the FAFSA. We advise you not to use those sites. Your student will still have to do all the work of filling in the information, and the idea is that the application is FREE.)

Please remind your student to check his/her U of M email account regularly. Students will need to confirm or deny their financial aid award in order for disbursement to be made. If the family has experienced unusual financial circumstances (loss of job or income, divorce or separation, death in the family) since the FAFSA was filed, your student should contact a One Stop counselor to see if she or he qualifies for additional financial support.

Campus Calendar

If you're looking for important dates for the 2011-2012 academic year, the One Stop website now includes upcoming deadlines and events on its home page. Calendars are also featured as a top-level link on the One Stop site.

Football Tickets

Gopher Sports is offering special rates for parents for select football games for this fall. Check out the offer. To order, use the promotional code "Saturday." If you have questions, contact the Gopher Ticket office at 1-800-UGOPHER (1-800-846-7437) or 612-624-8080.

Campus Area Traffic

With construction underway for the Central Corridor light rail line, Washington Avenue is now closed for several blocks in the middle of the East Bank of campus. The closure of Washington Avenue has meant increased traffic and congestion on other campus streets, in Dinkytown, and in Stadium Village. University Police are increasing their enforcement efforts to stop jay walking, running of stop signs, and speeding, and they advise that safety is ultimately the responsibility of every individual on campus. Following are some very simple safety rules that will make the campus community safer for all.

  • Pedestrians: Turn off your iPod and cell phone and pay attention; cross only at corners and with the lights; look both ways before crossing; stay out of construction areas.
  • Bicyclists: Stop at all stop signs and red lights; never ride against traffic; assume drivers don't see you, and bike defensively.
  • Motorists: Slow down and drive defensively; give bicyclists three feet when passing; stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.


This Saturday, TCF Stadium will host a U2 concert, and U of M facilities staff are advising that traffic, parking, and foot traffic throughout the campus area will be challenging. With some 60,000 expected for the Saturday evening concert, plus the downtown Minneapolis Aquatennial Parade, it will be a busy night in the city. Those who don't need to be in the campus area are advised to stay away, and those who are around are encouraged to be alert and careful.

The U of M Farmers Market runs every Wednesday (rain or shine) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Church Street on the East Bank campus. Locally grown produce, berries, and flowers are available.

Students who are still seeking off-campus housing for fall semester can check the off-campus housing site. Before students sign a lease, please encourage them to take the lease to University Student Legal Service. Because students pay a Student Services Fee, they may have a lease reviewed at no charge.

Please respond to our Parent Question of the Month! Your responses are collected and passed along to appropriate offices on campus, and we use your information in delivering parent/family programs and services.