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Welcome to Parent Orientation

From the 2011 Parent Orientation Newsletter

Parents and other family members play an important role in a student’s life throughout the college years, and the more information you have about the college experience at the University of Minnesota, the better able you are to support your student.

We believe that parents contribute to their student’s success by:

  • Understanding the student experience and knowing about resources available at the University
  • Supporting the University’s goals for student outcomes (see Student Learning and Development Outcomes)
  • Knowing when to step in to help their student and when to empower their student to take responsibility
  • Becoming an active member of the University community by attending campus events, helping other parents understand the student experience, and advocating for and supporting the University of Minnesota

More information on your role in promoting student success can be found in Desired Outcomes for Parent/Family Involvement.

Parent Orientation is developed in partnership with the student orientation program your son or daughter is attending. Parent Orientation delivers much of the same information that your student is hearing, but from the parent perspective.

The schedule for Parent Orientation has been designed to:

  • Answer the questions you’re concerned about right now
  • Help you understand what to expect during the next few months
  • Introduce you to the student services and the range of opportunities available on campus to support students’ academic efforts, health and wellness, and personal and professional development
  • Give you information on how to support your student and other family members through the changes that lie ahead—because the whole family will experience a transition as your student starts college

We will continue to provide information to you during the next four years to help you understand the changing concerns and stages of development that students experience as they start college, gain independence, set goals, organize their lives, and prepare for their future beyond college.

We look forward to working with you during Parent Orientation and throughout your student’s college career.

Katie Granholm
Parent Orientation Coordinator

Marjorie Savage
Parent Program Director