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Parents Weekend—A Student Perspective

Max Redemann
College of Liberal Arts, Communication Studies and Global Studies Major, Class of 2016

Parents and student.

During my first year of college, I realized that my experience as a college student affects not only me, but my family as well. When I arrived at the doorstep of my residence hall, I did not think of all the changes and lessons my family and I would learn during my first year of college. I especially did not think about how this new chapter of my life would affect my younger brother.

Before college, my brother and I spent hours together. When I would need reassurance or advice I would always go to him, but as soon as I left it became more difficult to seek out his advice. My brother was not down the hall anymore; he was hundreds of miles away. We talked regularly about sports and his schoolwork, but it was not the same. As much as my brother tried to understand my day-to-day life at the U of M, it was hard to explain without him being here to see and experience it firsthand.

To help my brother and the rest of my family appreciate my new experiences, I invited them to visit me for Parents Weekend 2012. This event showed my family the beautiful picture I had been describing over the phone. It also helped them to understand the layout of the campus and my place within its diverse community. After Parents Weekend, my brother understood more about my new university adventures, and our relationship became even stronger. I am glad my family took the time to visit so I could share my experiences as a Golden Gopher with them!


According to parents, the best part about Parents Weekend is...

  • Spending time with our son.
  • Seeing various "snapshots" of the campus and your beautiful city.
  • There was something for everyone, so even if my daughter was busy, I had things to do!!
  • The events gave a great sense of what the campus is like.
  • The information was informative and helpful.
  • It gave us the opportunity to see our sons, meet their friends and roommates. See how their room transformed, how they had changed.
  • Talking with other U of M parents.
  • The complete, friendly, personal feel—even at such a large university.
  • Everything about Parents Weekend. 

Parents Weekend questions?
If you have questions about Parents Weekend, call 612-626-8770.