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Parents Weekend 2012

Parents Weekend 2012 is scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 28 to 30. Come to campus, spend time with your student, and learn more about the U of M and its place in the center of the Twin Cities.

Parents Weekend includes three days of events and activities. Friday activities feature the colleges and academic programs; Saturday is all about campus life; and Sunday is a day for you and your student to explore Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parents Weekend

Is our student invited to participate with me in Parents Weekend events such as workshops, the Parents Weekend Carnival, and campus tours?

It is highly recommended that your student attend events with you. You must buy a Parents Weekend Package for each family member other than students (U of M students and siblings in high school and younger are not required to pay for registration). U of M students must show their valid student ID to participate in activities and events. Payment is required for all, including students and siblings, attending the Saturday Lunch and the Junior-Senior Dinner.

How much does Parents Weekend cost? What are the funds used for?

A Parents Weekend package is $25 per person and includes admission to all programs and workshops except meals. With your Parents Weekend registration, your U of M student and any children may attend at no charge. The two meals during the weekend have an additional fee for each person—including students and children—who will be dining. Parents Weekend is a self-supported event, and fees cover space and equipment rental, materials and supplies, marketing, registration costs, and entertainment.

Who is invited to Parents Weekend?

All family members—brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends—are invited to be part of Parents Weekend. We do need to charge for each adult participant’s package, however, because of the expenses involved with planning and implementing Parents Weekend.

How can I register for Parents Weekend?

Registration is closed . When you arrive on campus for Parents Weekend, be sure to check in and pick up your registration packet in Appleby Hall (Friday, September 28; 1:30-5:30 p.m.) or at the Great Hall in Coffman Union (Saturday, September 29; 9:00-10:30 a.m.).

Why isn’t Parents Weekend scheduled for a home football weekend?

We polled parents to find out what was most important during Parents Weekend. The number one answer: spend time with my student. The second most important factor: receive information on supporting my student. When Parents Weekend was previously scheduled on a football weekend, parents said that their students were involved with other activities before, during, and after the game, and there was no family time. This year’s program is planned to allow families to be together. If students need study time, however, parents can still enjoy all activities with other families. For information on attending Gopher athletic events on weekends other than Parents Weekend, call 1-800-UGOPHER.

Parents and students.

Parents Weekend, September 28-30

Registration is closed.

Parents Weekend Cost Breakdown

Parents Weekend Package—$25/person
(Package includes: attendance at workshops, activities, college open house events, a Parent Discount Card for campus venues, and a coupon for the University Bookstore. U of M students and siblings in high school and younger do not need to purchase a Parents Weekend Package.  Students will be admitted to workshops and activities by showing their U of M ID.)

Saturday Lunch tickets—$10/person
(Payment is required for all participants that wish to have lunch, including U of M students and siblings.)

Junior-Senior Dinner—$18/person
(Payment is required for all participants that wish to go to the Dinner, including your U of M student.)