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Parents Weekend—A Student Perspective

Morgan Benoy
CEHD, Elementary Education, Spanish Minor, Class of 2014

Family with

During my first year of college, I realized how much my new experiences not only affected me, but also my whole family. My family and I have always been close, and I am especially close to my mom. When I moved to Minnesota from Wisconsin, not only did I go through a lot of changes, but my mom did as well. She missed doing things with me, and having someone to talk to in the house. (Let’s be honest, my dad and brother only talk about sports!) I also come from a small town, and the Twin Cities was a HUGE change for all of us. My mom would call me to make sure my classes were going well and that I was making new friends. This was reassuring, but it was hard to explain, let alone show, my mom all the new things I was experiencing.

My parents decided to visit me for Parents Weekend 2011. This event helped my parents, especially my mom, to see what I did at school. She was able to find out important academic information and be a part of my new campus life. After my mom visited, she was able to recognize my references to campus locations and was more aware of my life as a college student. This event made my relationship with my parents better, and I am a lot closer with them now than I was before. I’m glad I had the opportunity during Parents Weekend to show my parents how proud I am to be a Golden Gopher!

According to parents, the best part about Parents Weekend is...

  • Spending time with our son.
  • Various “snapshots” of the campus and your beautiful city.
  • There was something for everyone, so even if my daughter was busy, I had things to do!
  • The events gave a great sense of what the campus is like.
  • Information was informative and helpful.
  • It gave us the opportunity to see our sons, meet their friends and roommates. See how their room transformed, how they had changed.
  • Enjoyed the time with other U of M parents.
  • Complete, friendly, personal—even in such large university.
  • I liked everything about Parents Weekend.