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Parents of Commuter Students

Although all first-year students face similar adjustment-to-college issues, students living at home or in a house or apartment off campus are likely to encounter some unique challenges. In addition, the college transition affects all members of the family, simply because the student is living at home and commuting to campus every day.

When parents understand the challenges faced by commuter students, they can play an important role in making the college experience more successful for their student. One thing you can do to help your commuter is to suggest he or she travel the route to school a few times before the semester actually starts, including during rush hour, to avoid becoming overwhelmed by traffic. Remind your student to spend time on campus to become familiar with the location of classes, parking, and resources. Finally, suggest that they have a Plan B for the trip to campus in case the car breaks down, a carpool driver is sick, or the bus doesn’t come.

Drawing on information provided by commuters and their family members, the Parent website offers insights into the student perspective and tips for supporting commuter students.

Students and buses.