From the Fall 2012 Newsletter

Move-In Day Receptions

After parents move their first-year students into the residence hall on Move-In Day, they can take a break and give their students some time to unpack, settle in, and meet their roommates and neighbors. A reception for parents provides refreshments and staff to answer last-minute questions.

For parents moving students to campus Monday, August 27
7:00 to 8:30 p.m. with a presentation at 7:30, Territorial Hall TV Lounge

For parents moving students to campus morning or early afternoon, Tuesday, August 28
Noon to 3:00 p.m. with presentations at 12:30 and 2:00, Mississippi Room, Coffman Memorial Union

For parents moving students to campus late afternoon or evening, Tuesday, August 28
6:30 to 8:30 p.m. with a presentation at 7:30, Mississippi Room, Coffman Memorial Union

For parents moving students to campus Wednesday, August 29
Noon to 3:00 p.m. with a presentation at 2:00, Mississippi Room, Coffman Memorial Union

The U and the Central Corridor Light Rail

In 2010, construction began on a light rail route connecting the downtowns of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The new route, which includes three stops through the University, is expected to be completed in March, 2014. Construction is constantly changing the flow of traffic on campus; you and your student will need to account for this when planning visits to campus or travels around campus. Go to the website for more information and updates.

Emergency contact

It is critical that the University has emergency contact information to notify a family member or friend in case of a medical or personal emergency while your student is on campus. Students can update or enter emergency contact information at One Stop. By linking to “Personal Information” and logging in, students will get to a page with menu options at the top. In the pull-down menu, they should link to “Emergency Contacts.”

Nurse line

When students are ill but not sure if they need a doctor, they can call the Medical Information Nurse Line at Boynton Health Service, 612-625-7900. Nurses will offer home care advice or help determine if the student should make an appointment to be seen by a provider.

Sign up for Parent Listserv

Parents can receive e-mail messages every other week from the Parent Program with timely information and talking points for helping their student. To sign up, send your e-mail address to parent@umn.edu.

Minnesota Parents Association

The college years represent a new stage of parenting. To help parents negotiate this new stage, all parents receive the University Parent newsletter by mail, have access to the Parent website, can sign up for biweekly e-mail updates, and can contact the University Parent office with questions or concerns. Parents who are interested in a higher level of involvement are encouraged to join the Minnesota Parents Association and receive more communication from, and contact with, the University. According to Professor Jodi Dworkin of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Family Social Science, “A community of parents provides support, ideas, and resources as families negotiate their ‘revised’ parenting role during the college experience.”

The University of Minnesota Parent Program has developed the Minnesota Parents Association in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. The $60 membership offers parents and their students all the benefits of the Alumni Association along with special communications and services designed especially for parents. For more information or to join, see www.parent.umn.edu/association.


Ask your insurance representative if your homeowner’s insurance covers your student’s belongings on campus. Most insurance companies can provide a policy rider for college students who live in residence halls.

Student walking on a fall day.

Fall Dates

August 27-29
Move-In Days for incoming freshmen

August 29-September 3
Welcome Week and New Student Convocation

September 4
Fall semester classes begin

September 28-30
Parents Weekend

November 22-23
Thanksgiving holiday; University closed

December 14-20
Final exams

Billing dates Fall 2012

First statement
September 8
Minimum due: 33%
Due date: October 3

Second statement
October 6
Minimum due: 50%
Due date: October 31

Third statement
November 3
Minimum due: 100%
Due date: November 28

Parents to-do list