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Articles of Interest

The Parent Program searches for and posts articles that may be of interest to parents of college students. The following recent articles have appeared in a variety of local and national publications.

1-12—FAFSA and family.

1-12—Excellent Educator: Adam Leicht of Forest Hills Elementary.

1-12—Bell Museum's Saturday With a Scientist makes learning fun.

1-9—Hot property: University of Minnesota Tate Science and Teaching Building.

1-9—Ten candidates vie for 5 spots on U of M's Board of Regents.

1-7—Arboretum offers free admission in January.

12-30—No means no.

12-30—Alums get helping hand at U of M website.

12-19—UMN science building to be renamed after Bruininks.

12-18—Taking flight through her research.

12-18—Public safety update.

12-11—Gift program eases student-parent stress.

12-8—A flurry of light and sound.

12-8—If students have time to get drunk, colleges aren't doing their job.

12-8—Homeroom: China's champs hit the books at UMN.

12-1—Winter light show to sparkle at U of Minnesota.

12-1—As temperatures drop, campus crime moves indoors.

11-19—Excelsior Farmer's Market.

11-19—A changing of the guard for UMPD.

11-13—De-stress group aids students.

11-13—University seeks funding for community issues.

11-12—Bus service to be enhanced in 2015.

11-6—Jamie Yuccas gets to know ‘Goldy the Gopher’.

11-6—Counterpoint: 4 ways the U is addressing student debt.

10-31—Students shy away from borrowing.

10-29—Campus Climate Cafés bring students together.

10-29—U Of M hosts circus-themed mental health fair.

10-23—Butterflies with a Minnesota connection.

10-22—Autumn Fun at the Arboretum.

10-21—Green Line doesn’t add to crime.

10-16—U brings prairie grasses to campus.

10-16—Effective alcohol-related bills are unpopular; ineffective ones tend to get OK'd, U study finds.

10-8—Pollinating new ideas.

10-3—Kaler on the future of the University of Minnesota.

9-23—Google taps career fair for top collegiate talent.

9-17—Bus stop amenities shorten wait.

9-17—75-year-old riverside lab gets facelift.

9-11—Police renew yearly effort to connect with campus.

9-9—Green Line fully restored after repair work lasts into night.

9-8—New student-designed Gopher Chauffeur vans roll out.

9-8—Light rail safety efforts rev up.

9-3—New Green Line at U of M brings safety concerns.

9-2—As students move out, local program helps salvage items.

9-2—Back to school: Arts galore at the U.

9-2—Pet therapists welcome U of M students.

8-28—U of M gives Class of 2018 an epic welcome.

8-28—University of Minnesota speeds efforts to tighten campus security.

8-26—McNair Scholars a pipeline for people of color into STEM graduate studies.

8-26—Freshmen, and their stuff, descend on the University of Minnesota.

8-20—Discover the U at the Minnesota State Fair.

8-12—University of Minnesota soars on Forbes' college ranking.

8-11—Minnesota Centennial Showboat back on with extended performances.

8-7—U of M flushes toilets with rainwater.

8-5—Greenspace: award-winning app can tell you where the sun shines.

8-5—Colleges cater to students' entrepreneurial ambitions.

7-29—U's solar-car team riding on sunshine.

7-24—Fitness devices aid U exercise initiative.

7-18—Boomerang families: when students move home after graduation.

7-16—Bite of Minnesota: U of M Dairy Salesroom.

7-16—Solar car charged up for cross-country race.

7-15—U of M to get discounted Green Line rides.

7-10—Incoming freshmen learn about library resources.

7-2—Student businesses thrive in competition.

6-30—Rare deal at Capitol gives Bell Museum new home on U's St. Paul campus.

6-25—U aims to house more sophomores.

6-18—CSE adds environmental engineering major.

6-17—This urban research university is also an economic powerhouse.

6-11—Wait for it … The Green Line is here.

6-4—Cafe offers healthy options at rec center.

5-30—Six decades of rare aerial Minneapolis photos soon to be online.

5-28—Monarch joint venture: plant milkweed to save the butterfly.

5-27—Bell Museum will move to new home in Saint Paul.

5-7—Hungry for experience, students give diet advice.

5-7—Tuition freeze to continue for University of Minnesota undergrads.

4-29—Amid growing demand, Boynton eliminates waitlists.

4-24—A year out, U reflects on tuition freeze.

4-15—Regents: the U’s busiest volunteers.

4-11—Win or lose: Zero tolerance on Saturday night; email from President Kaler to Twin Cities students.

4-8—Website brings democracy to students’ complaints.

4-4—Bees, solar and gardens coming to roofs.

4-3—Campus crime dips in spring.

4-2—Digital materials could cut book costs.

4-2—U changes preferred name policy.

4-1—U supports crime prevention contest.

3-25—U adds scholarships to boost study abroad numbers.

3-24—Northrop Auditorium is reborn at U.

3-19—Spring breakers from up north do work in Longview.

3-15—The new kids on the page.

3-13—U alumnus joins UMPD.

3-13—LRT derailment simulation to hit Stadium Village.

3-6—Whyte gives students a voice.

2-27—With more safety events, U seeks student input.

2-24—Support for the U is critical for state's economy.

2-19—Students train while helping shelter pets.

2-17—Regents OK $4M campus safety plan.

2-12—U connections at the Winter Olympics.

2-5—Rybak launches Mayor 101 class at U of M.

2-4—How the University of Minnesota is tightening campus security.

1-28—Open textbooks could help students financially and academically.

1-28—Students, profs design green home.

1-27—Editorial: A smart emphasis on college for low-income students.

1-23—2014 LiveBIG: Smart Clothes Feature.

1-21—Welcome back to new safety initiatives.

1-21—Kaler unveils retention plan.

1-15—Shows at U fire up students.

1-9—U of M students can get help choosing a major.

1-8—Inquiring minds want to grow.

1-8—Pedals for the planet.

1-7—New U of M hire advocates for students.

1-6—U of M President Eric Kaler on recent crime around campus. 

12-26—U offers holiday survival tip sheet for college parents.

12-26—Laptop leads police to suspect in U robbery.

12-20—Protecting U of M students, dorms during winter break.

12-13—U grad rates go from last to … not so bad.

12-6—Buses, bicycles return to Washington Avenue December 7.

12-2—University of Minnesota students take culinary arts to the next level.

11-22—Gopher Chauffeur launches Thursday night service.

11-22—Renovated Northrop hopes to be hub for culture, student activity.

11-19—At office hours, students kick it with Kaler.

11-19—In November, a novel experience for U writers.

11-18—Many study abroad, but U looks to boost numbers.

11-18—After a turbulent month, Como looks to students.

11-14—On campus beat: U breaks ground with pet program.

11-14—When belts tighten, U saves space.

11-8—Feats of Engineering: Northrop re-engineered from the inside out.

11-8—Do cover letters still matter?

10-24—Campus beat: U gives lessons in living like a student.

10-24—Student climbers reach new heights.

10-21—U campus quiet after violent robberies a week earlier.

10-21—Cirque de-stress comes to the U of M.

10-16—Students with kids search for inclusion, understanding.

10-10—Student group offers food, lessons.

10-8—University of Minnesota students win national sustainability leadership award.

10-4—For the love of the game.

10-2—University of Minnesota pushes science in facilities request.

10-1—Opinion: Students should know their loan repayment options.

9-27—Good Question: How did Homecoming traditions start?

9-26—For students, more rides home.

9-23—Students jump on new minor.

9-20—U training adds to the Teach for America debate.

9-18—New to the U? There's no reason to feel so all alone.

9-16—Student health plan adds more benefits, costs.

9-10—City struggles to enforce recycling.

9-4—UM President Kaler on first day of school.

9-4—Exercising with others helps college students reduce stress.

8-28—College safety: 5 tips for incoming freshmen.

8-26—New residence hall opens Monday.

8-26—Eco Experience at the fair, free lighting seminar and more.

8-21—The artistry of bees.

8-15—Ask critic Rick Nelson: Where should I eat?

8-13—As more adult kids move back home, the stigma diminishes

8-12—Sherlock Holmes fans meet at U to deduce more about the detective.

8-8—Student loan deal reached.

8-6—Kaler talks athletics facility, TFA partnership.

8-1—On Campus: Physicists compete for entertainment prize at U.