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Quiet Students

Quiet, shy, and less outgoing students contribute important qualities in the classroom and on campus.

Clubs and Organizations

As parents, you can encourage your college student to get involved with student groups. On college campuses (especially ones as large as the University of Minnesota), there are countless options of clubs, organizations, and activities to join. These can include volunteering, athletics, academics, music, and leadership opportunities. There is a group—and usually a position within each group—to fit every personality type and student. Getting involved on campus provides experience in an area of interest and can help your student find their niche in the University. Joining a group is also an excellent way to meet other students with similar interests, and these interests can serve as icebreakers when making new friends. See the Student Unions and Activities website for a list of current student groups at the University of Minnesota.

If the sheer number of student groups is intimidating and confusing, students can stop in the Student Activities Office in Room 126, Coffman Memorial Union, for assistance.

On Campus Resources

Housing and Residential Life Guidebook—Getting along with your roommate(s).

Student Unions and Activities—With Student Unions & Activities, students and the campus community connect to convenient services, entertainment, dining options, meeting and event spaces, involvement opportunities and more. Room 126 Coffman Memorial Union.

Student Groups Listing

Off-Campus Resources

The Introvert’s Corner—Psychology Today is a site designed to provide easily accessible informing on emotional well being without confusion or stigma. The Introvert’s Corner is one of several blog pages dedicated to the unique lives of introverted people.