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Disability Services

Each year, more than 2,100 University students register with Disability Services to document mental health, attentional, learning, physical, or sensory conditions that may affect participation in academic or social activities or physical access. If your student has a similar condition, please consider recommending an initial confidential meeting with a Disability Services specialist.

There are benefits to early contact and registration with Disability Services, even if students have not decided to use accommodations. Meeting with a specialist will assist students to be proactive about managing their condition by preparing them to negotiate potential barriers and develop resources and strategies. Students’ academic demands will vary each semester, and their condition-related needs may change over time. Disability specialists will encourage students to have regular contact with the Disability Services office to continue to assess, identify, and address potential obstacles before they become problematic.

The Student Services staff in Disability Services are here to ensure that students can access all that the University has to offer—in class, at work, or in the wide range of social and cultural experiences available at the University. To schedule an appointment, students should call 612-626-1333.

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