Voices of Experience

Advice from parents on academics

Tell your student:

No matter what, go to class. Whether you are tired or sick or tempted to do something more fun, go to class. You will pass just by showing up. Also, meet your professors early, e-mail them often, stay in front of them and demand their attention. They will not come to you. JB

For the first semester of the first year, don't take 16 credits worth of the hardest courses you can take. Allow some leeway for adjusting to a new home, new people, new schedule, and long hours of homework. SW

Your primary job is to get a good education. Focus on that. PN

Do your best. Don't be afraid to succeed. Forget about your girlfriend at home and concentrate on academics. I wish he would have gone to a college closer to home! JF

If you start to feel overwhelmed, talk to someone—an adviser, the instructor, others in your class. Coming from a small school where she knew all the teachers and all the students, it was an adjustment for our daughter to come to such a big school. She has felt overwhelmed at times and was a little hesitant at first to talk to someone, but now she is not afraid to go talk to her adviser or get help from the TAs or someone else. She knows she has to speak up if she doesn't understand something. We've also talked about the necessity of keeping things balanced. She is a good student and worries too much about her grades. We have told her that giving herself some "down time" is OK, and it is all right if she doesn't get that 'A' all the time. MZ