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Parent Advice and Involvement

Advice for Parents

A Resource for Parents of College Students

University of Minnesota Parent Program Director Marjorie Savage offers realistic advice for parents of college students in the revised and updated version of You're On Your Own (But I'm Here If You Need Me).

This one-of-a-kind-guide provides anecdotes and suggestions from experienced parents and college staffs all over the country. The book addresses issues such as why students complain about the food but still manage to gain fifteen pounds their first year, how to teach basic financial responsibility, and what to do when a child comes home with a nose ring. Learn strategies and tips for creating a loving, supportive partnership responsive to the needs of both parents and students.

It is available through the University Bookstores or phone 1-800-551-U of M.

Health and Safety Topics

Advice and information related to alcohol, relationships, sexuality, and sexual activity, and talking to your student about sensitive issues.

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Voices of Experience

On behalf of parents of students who will be starting at the University of Minnesota next fall, we asked parents of current students what advice they would give.

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Every Parent Should...

Parents of current students were asked to complete the following statements as advice for parents who have new students:

Every parent should know...
Every parent should have...
Every parent should be...

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Vocabulary for Parents

How to understand the lingo of U of M students

A vocabulary list for parents, divided by subject area, that explains some common abbreviations, University terms, and slang.

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University Parent Fund

The University Parent Fund was initiated in 2003 with a donation from a parent who was grateful for support provided to her by the Parent Program office. We are currently seeking donations to support mental health initiatives to help students reduce and cope with stress.

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