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Desired Outcomes for Parent/Family Involvement

The University Parent Program, in collaboration with offices and departments throughout campus, works with parents to help them understand the student experience, support student learning, and empower students to take personal responsibility for their social and academic choices.

Families contribute to student success by

  • Understanding the student experience and knowing about resources available at the University of Minnesota.
    • Be aware of the unique challenges and opportunities facing today’s college students, including the academic and non-academic expectations for students at the college level
    • Learn about student support services and understand how students can access services; encourage student to identify and obtain support from appropriate resources (see “U Resources” on One Stop)
  • Supporting the University’s goals for student learning and development outcomes
    • Challenge student to identify, define, and solve problems independently
    • Encourage student to set and achieve personal goals and make responsible decisions related to academics, career planning, social interactions, and community engagement
    • Understand and support the University’s commitment to academic excellence and integrity, ethical behavior, diversity, and civility
    • Empower student to examine personal values; encourage student to learn about and respect the values and beliefs of others
    • Support student as he/she faces conditions of uncertainty and learns to perform in complex environments and challenging situations
    • Allow student to accept consequences of his/her actions and accept responsibility for personal errors; urge student to examine disappointments and unexpected experiences in order to assess what caused them, what can be done about them, and how to avoid them in the future
  • Knowing when to step in to help their student and when to empower their student to take responsibility
    • Understand the role parents play as mentors to their student
    • Know and understand limitations to access student records, as delineated by federal requirements outlined in FERPA and HIPAA
    • Promote self-advocacy by allowing student to make decisions independently
    • Be alert to signs that student is under significant stress, is taking unhealthy risks, or is ill; discuss concerns openly with student and assist student in developing a plan to address the problem
    • If student’s physical or mental health is endangered, contact appropriate campus or community authorities. See The Stressed Student for more information
  • Developing an affinity for the University of Minnesota
    • Understand that parents are part of the University community as prime supporters of their students
    • Participate in campus events; support and encourage all students as they learn, perform, lead, or serve through campus and community activities
    • Assist other parents in understanding the student experience
    • Promote goodwill on behalf of higher education at the state and federal level


The Parent Program provides several communication methods:

University Parent newsletter is mailed in August, December, and March to the parents of full-time undergraduates. The newsletter is mailed to the "home address" that students list on their University registration information. If you move, or if your student changes his or her home address to a campus or apartment address, the newsletter may not reach you. You may contact us and ask to be put on the newsletter mailing list. In addition, we only have one home address listed for each student; parents with a different address from the primary contact also should contact us in order to receive the newsletter. Send your address to; phone 612-626-9291; or mail your address to Parent Program Office, University of Minnesota, 109 Appleby Hall, 128 Pleasant Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455.

The University Parent website provides updated information online. In the News in our Highlights section changes frequently with links to news stories and websites of particular interest to parents. Timely Issues offers seasonal tips related to the time of year. Each month features a new Question of the Month so that you can give us feedback on a topic related to the University, your student, or you, and we regularly search the University of Minnesota websites for links that will help you understand the University and support your student through his or her academic career.

Parents Email Alert List delivers the most current information to you on a regular basis. We send an email message about every two weeks with information about pending deadlines, campus news, and special notices. Sign up by sending your email address to To change your email address, please send both your old address and the new one to

Question/Answer Service is provided by our Parent Program Director. Email your questions or concerns to Marjorie Savage at, call 612-626-9291, or mail questions to Parent Program, University of Minnesota, 109 Appleby Hall, 128 Pleasant Street, S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455.

Parent Events include parent receptions on Move-In Day, when students move into the residence halls before fall semester and Parents Weekend. Check the News and Events section of the Parent website for upcoming parent events.