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Student Records

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my student's grades?

A: The easiest way for you to receive a copy of your student’s grades, current financial information, and other student information is for your student to look up his or her student records at the Student One Stop website. Students can print the information from the website and pass it on to you.

The University is prohibited from releasing certain information to parents without permission of the student. By federal law (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment), students over the age of 18 are considered responsible and are allowed to determine who will receive information about them.

Access to student records

Students can give access to parents by going online at the One Stop website and linking to "Parent/Guest Access." They can follow the instructions at that site to give their parents or other guests access to one or more of the following areas of the student's record:

  • Enrollment summary
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Financial aid status
  • View financial aid awards
  • Student account/online billing and payment
  • Housing contract, assignment, and billing
  • Student conduct in on-campus housing
  • Meal plans, FlexDine, and Gopher GOLD™ value

Students can also sign a release form to give parents access to protected information. The form is available as a PDF from the One Stop site: Student Information Release Authorization (PDF). Having a release form on file does not mean that information will automatically be mailed to parents or other authorized designees; information will be made available upon request from the authorized third party. Parents also can receive information by submitting proof that their student is dependent. Proof is considered to be a copy of the most recent year’s federal tax form showing that the parent claims the student as a dependent.

Note: More information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act can be found on the FERPA page.

Q: Where do I get proof of my student's enrollment and grade point average for my insurance company?

A: Students can download a form from the web that will cover both these issues. The form is available from the One Stop site: Request for Certification (PDF). Your student will need to sign the form.

Students also can get the form by going in person to one of the One Stop Student Services offices, which are located in Science Teaching and Student Services on the East Bank, in the West Bank Skyway, and in Coffey Hall on the St. Paul campus.

Q: How can I change my mailing address to get University mailings? Is it possible to have mailings sent to a second address?

A: A change of address can be done only by the student, but it can be done online. Your student can download and submit the Change Mailing Address form, or submit the form online from the One Stop Forms Online page (scroll down the page to "Changing your Name or Address).

The University Parent newsletter and other parent mailings are sent to the student's home address (permanent address). If you would like these mailings to be sent to another address, we maintain a separate mail list. Contact the Parent Program at 612-626-9291 or email to be added to this separate list.

Q: My student’s tuition bill was sent by email to his University email account. Since I am paying for his education, can the bills be mailed to me?

A: The University of Minnesota offers electronic billing and payment of student account bills (tuition, fees, housing, books, etc.) Electronic billing is the official means of generating tuition bills to all University of Minnesota students. This means that paper bills no longer exist for enrolled students.

The UM Pay electronic billing and payment system automatically sends an email notification to the student's U of M email address when the bill is ready to be viewed online. Students can set up parents and other authorized payers (also get an email notification) to view and pay bills online. As an authorized payer, parents can view student's tuition bills online; view student's billing and payment history online; pay student's tuition bills online by automatically deducting the amount from a checking or savings account or charge payment to a VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, or American Express credit card; download and print a copy of the student's bill for sending check payments via U.S. mail.

Exemptions to electronic billing may be allowed by student appeal. Students must fill out the Electronic Billing Exemption Appeal Form (PDF).

Q: How does my student apply for reciprocity tuition rates?

A: The U of M has reciprocity agreements with Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba. Application for reciprocity is separate from application for admission to the University. Contact the University residency adviser for information on applying for reciprocity, 612-625-6330.