Parent Program

Sample Mission/Vision Statements

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Parent Office Mission Statement
Office of Parent and Family Relations Mission Statement: To facilitate communication between parents/families and the College in order to develop and nurture meaningful, lasting relationships between Augsburg College and our parents and families.

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Parent Relations Office
Mission: Parent Relations is a campus-wide endeavor that supports the mission of the college and enriches the Calvin experience for students and their families through communication, programs, events and volunteer opportunities.

Hofstra University

Office of Parent and Family Programs Mission
Hofstra's Office of Parent and Family Programs, in collaboration with offices across the University, serves as a resource for parents and families while they support their students to take increasing responsibility for their journey in learning and personal growth. Our parent programs, publications and events strive to make parents and families part of our college community.

To support our mission and the mission of Hofstra University, we are committed to:

  • Provide parents with timely information about Hofstra University services, programs and opportunities that could further their child's academic success and well-being as well as benefit members of their family.
  • Courteously serve as the first-stop inquiry center for Hofstra parents and families.
  • Promote meaningful engagement of parents and families in the life of campus by developing programs and events of interest to parents, especially those that would help with the transition to college.

Johnson & Wales University, Providence, R.I.

Parents Association Mission
The program is the primary link between parents, their students and the university community. Through important programs and initiatives, the
association connects parents to other parents to provide support, creates a forum for their ideas and opinions, and recognizes they are a valuable resource within the university.

Parents Advisory Board Mission

  • To serve as a liaison between Johnson & Wales’ parent constituency and the University’s academic and administrative departments
  • To encourage mutual understanding and facilitate communications between families and the University community
  • To develop and sponsor programs, publications, and services that support J&W families
  • To collaborate with the University to create the best learning and living environments on campus for our students
  • To assist in promoting the University to potential new, existing, and Alumni students and their parents and to assist in their transition
  • To be a visible presence at the behest of the University
  • The Board shall attempt to reflect the diversity of the university’s student body

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Parents Office Mission and Vision
Mission: Our mission is to develop the potential of each student through education, communication, and opportunities that draw upon the expertise and wisdom of parents, families, and guardians in collaboration with the expertise and wisdom of the university and its resources.

Vision: Our vision is to be recognized nationally as a model resource for parents, families, and guardians of Miami students by creating an inclusive learning environment and communication network that supports student development and success.

Parents Council/Association
Mission: The Miami University Parents Association involves parents of current and former students in the life of the University.

Purpose of the Association:

  • To represent the concerns of Miami families to the University.
  • To enhance communications between Miami University and families on topics of interest and concern to families and their students.
  • To help sponsor University programs and services that meet the needs of families and students.
  • To promote the advancement of the University and its students with financial support to the Parents Fund.

Mission of the Parents Council: The Miami University Parents Council represents the national Miami parent and student population. It serves to support the principal objectives of the Association, acts as an advisory body to the University, and recommends funding allocations from the Parents Fund. The Council meets on campus at least two times per academic year to consider student/parent issues and to approve Parent Fund expenditures.

Purpose of the Council:

  • To serve as a liaison between all Miami parents (families) and the administration and the faculty of the University by communicating the needs and concerns of parents (families).
  • To provide advice and counsel to the University administration
  • To serve as leaders for the Parents Fund
  • To assist in the implementation of programs involving Miami parents
  • To recommend funding allocations from the Parents Fund
  • To serve in such other capacities as the President may request
  • The work of the Parents Council shall be facilitated by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Assistant to the Vice President for Parent Programs, Associate Vice President for University Advancement, and the Director of Development for Student Affairs.

Reed College, Portland, Oregon

Alumni and Parent Relations Office Mission Statement
Mission: Alumni & Parent Relations strives to assist parents in supporting their students throughout the students’ college experiences at Reed. To this end, we provide parents of current students with programs, services, and information that heighten their awareness of the college. We serve as a resource to parents by acting as a campus liaison between other key offices and coordinating on-campus parent events, which present opportunities for parents to share in many facets of Reed life with their students.

Parent Relations goal: The staff at Reed College is committed to providing parents with programs that provide an insight into life at Reed College and information that keep them informed of campus news that may be important or of general interest.

Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

Parents Office Mission Statement

  • To facilitate parental involvement at Syracuse University in accordance with institutional policy.
  • To act as a liaison between parents and the University.
  • To orient parents to Syracuse University organization and process.
  • To provide quality resources, publications, and events that enable parents to assist their students in learning to help themselves throughout the SU experience.

National Parents Board Mission Statement: The Parents Board of Syracuse University emerges from the concept that the University is a family composed of students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents/guardians. It is an organization of, by, and for the parents. There are no membership dues associated with the National Parents Board. The Parents Board of Syracuse University has the following objectives:

  • To further the parents’ understanding of the aims, policies, activities and challenges of the University
  • To obtain parents’ support for enriched curricular and social programming for the ultimate benefit of the Syracuse University student
  • To give parents/guardians an opportunity to work with academic and administrative officials in the development of University initiatives

The intent of these objectives is to promote a more effective means of communication, or “partnership,” between parents and the University, and a fuller participation by parents/guardians in the educational experiences of their sons and daughters.

The National Parents Board will be the advising body of the Parents Office. Comprised of parents from different geographic regions, the National Board will work directly with the Syracuse University Parents Office and the individual members in their regions, for support in organizing, planning and promoting programs.

University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Parent office

  • To affirm the important role parents play in the educational lives of their students
  • To sponsor programming that brings parents into a closer relationship with the University
  • To provide for effective parent-University interaction and exchange of
  • information
  • To reinforce the caring and responsiveness to students' and parents'
  • needs by the University
  • To help enhance the student experience at the University of Denver
  • To encourage and promote the support of the Parents Council Fund

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

UNM Parent Relations
Mission: Graduating a student from college requires the support and guidance of the student's family. UNM’s Parent Relations Office is designed to build relationships with parents and families to improve persistence and graduation rates. Our office aims to provide parents with a better understanding of the student experience to support student learning, academic and social growth.

UNM Parent Association
Mission: The University of New Mexico Parent Association is a network of parents and families of current and graduated students engaged in student success and dedicated to furthering the mission of the state’s flagship university. There are no dues for basic membership (donations to the UNM Parent Fund for Excellence are encouraged). Our mission is to promote student success and academic excellence, engage parents in the university’s mission and goals, empower families to play a supportive role in student education and provide a forum for networking.

Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana

Parent Office Mission Statement

Mission: The Office of Parent and Family Services at Vincennes University is committed to serving students by providing assistance and support of the family unit through quality parent programs and communication tools as a means to facilitate student success.