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OIT Strategy Alignment

Institutional Strategies

Recruit, educate, challenge, and graduate outstanding students.

Recruit, monitor, reward, and retain outstanding faculty and staff.

Enhance and effectively use our resources and infrastructure.

Communicate clearly and credibly with
all our consti- tuencies and practice public engagement responsive to the common good.

Promote an effective organizational culture committed to excellence and responsive to change.

OIT Strategies

Invest in enterprise system scale initiatives that create savings, improve service, and maximize the University's investment in systems. X X  
Extend the usefulness of enterprise-class systems with new technologies, workflow and other processes. X X
Invest in promising emerging technologies to maintain a competitive, leadership role that attracts the brightest students, faculty, staff and research funding. X X X X
Create strategic partnerships that support the institution's goals, mission and vision and which create strategic advancement opportunities. X X
Maintain, enhance, and improve the technology infrastructure to alleviate outages and improve reliability. X X
Simplify the complex technical environment through the pursuit of Single Enterprise standardized systems, transactions, and processes to deliver higher quality, efficiency and effectiveness. X X