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Brief Overview

  • Earn points: Achieve a self-directed, personal health or wellness goal of your choice
  • Get started: Select from the options for achievement listed below
  • Completion requirements: Participate for the required length of time; report your results when you log in to StayWell Online
  • Deadline to complete: August 31, 2014

Earn Points to Reduce UPlan Medical Program Rates

The points earned through August 31, 2014, by participating in the Wellness Program can be used in 2015 to reduce the cost of UPlan Medical Program coverage. When you achieve the required number of points, the premiums you pay in 2015 will be reduced by $300 or $400 based upon the tier of medical coverage you elected during Open Enrollment.

You are encouraged to complete the wellness assessment no later than March 31, 2014, to earn 100 wellness points.

The deadline to accumulate the full 300 or 400 points needed to qualify for lower 2015 rates is August 31, 2014. Please note that no premium reduction will be awarded if you have less than the 300 or 400 point minimums. If you are newly eligible for the UPlan Medical Program, you may qualify for a premium reduction based upon your effective date of coverage and the wellness points you earn

See what Wellness Points participants saved this year by achieving the required number of points for a rate reduction. Note that there are separate listings for UPlan Medical Program rates: (1) for members who achieved the required number of points for a rate reduction; and (2) for members who did not participate in Wellness Points Bank.

You have from October 1, 2013, through August 31, 2014, to earn the minimum number of points required to lower your premium rates for the 2015 calendar year. When you earn 300 wellness points, your premium will be reduced by $300. If your spouse/same-sex domestic partner is covered by the UPlan Medical Program, your premium costs can be reduced by $400 when you earn 400 points. Your spouse/same-sex domestic partner can earn 100 of the 400-point total if he/she chooses to participate. The rate reduction you achieve will be reflected in your 2015 pay statements over the 26 pay periods.

To check the current status of your Wellness Points Program, log in to StayWell Online. If you have questions about the number of wellness you have earned, please call the StayWell Helpline at 866-341-1170.

How to Earn Wellness Points

Review the Wellness Points chart. Decide on the activities you (and your spouse/same-sex domestic partner) want to participate in to earn the points required for the rate reduction. Note the wellness point values associated with each of the offerings. This is the maximum number of points that can be earned for completing the activity or individual program even though it may be feasible to complete the activity more than one time during 2013-2014.

© 2011 StayWell Health Management, LLC. StayWell, NextSteps and StayWell Online, and Step It Up! are registered trademarks of StayWell Health Management, LLC. StayWell Online is a product of StayWell Health Management, the independent, third-party administrator of the Wellness Points Bank. StayWell Health Management, 300 Ames Crossing Road, Suite 100, St. Paul, MN 55121-2520.

 Earn points for lower Premiums in 2015

Deadline: August 31, 2014
Accumulate wellness points.
Goal: 300 or 400 total points

Find It Fast

Need assistance?

Wellness Points Bank 
  • StayWell HelpLine: 866-341-1170
  • Email: 
  • 4-UOHR Phone Center:
    • 612-624-8647
    • 800-756-2363

Wellness Points Bank At-A-Glance

Check out the many wellness activity options on the Wellness Points Bank chart (pdf)
Find out more information in the Wellness Points Bank overview (pdf)

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