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Weight Watchers on Campus

Brief Overview

  • Earn 150 wellness points
  • Deadline: Attend required number of classes by August 31, 2015

Find a Meeting on Your Campus

Find a meeting along with information about how to enroll in a program on your campus:

  • The program offers motivational support for weight loss and maintenance in a group setting. The weekly meetings are led by a facilitator who has successfully completed the Weight Watchers® program.
  • The attendance requirement for fee reimbursement: 14 meetings over a four-month period of time.
  • With Monthly Pass, register and pay online.
    • Step 1. Find a meeting time and location on campus that is convenient for you
    • Step 2. Be prepared to pay in advance with your credit/debit card for one month of meetings at $39.95
    • Step 3. To register, use the following University of Minnesota identifiers:
      • U of M "Employer ID": 52902
      • U of M "Employer Passcode": WW52902
    • Step 4. Register online at Weight Watchers now 
  • Going forward, your credit/debit card will automatically be charged each month unless you cancel your Weight Watchers account. Please call 866-204-2885 to cancel your account.
  • You can be reimbursed three times in one calendar year up to a lifetime maximum total of six reimbursements. Your reimbursement will total $159.80 for four months of weekly meetings. While you may be reimbursed more than one time during the year, the maximum number of wellness points that can be earned in a program year for completing weight management is 150 points.


Program information

  • Earn 150 wellness points
  • Attend the required number of weight management meetings by August 31, 2015


  • You must create an online account to receive your reimbursement of your registration fees.

    Weight Watchers on Campus - $159.80 for four months of meetings.

    Create an account now
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  • As a member of Weight Watchers on Campus you can be reimbursed for three programs within one calendar year and a maximum of six total reimbursements.