University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Get Money Back for Watching Your Weight

Participate in an on-campus weight management program and get your registration fees reimbursed when you meet the attendance requirements.

The weight management programs are open to employees and spouses/same-sex domestic partners who are covered by the UPlan Medical Program.

For 2013- 2014: A participant will also be able to earn 150 points for his/her Wellness Points Bank by completing weight management programs no later than August 31, 2014.

Weight Watchers® on Campus

A motivational support program for weight loss and maintenance in a group setting. Attend 14 meetings over a four-month period by August 31, 2014, and be reimbursed for four months of dues (totaling $159.80), in addition to earning 150 wellness points. You can be reimbursed three times within one calendar year for up to a lifetime of six reimbursements.

Create Your Weight (Twin Cities Campus Only)

A behavior modification program offered though the University of Minnesota Medical Center Fairview that includes a measurement of your rate of metabolism. Attend nine our of the 11 classes by August 31, 2014, and be fully reimbursed for the $235 program fee (limit once per calendar year), in addition to earning 150 wellness points. 

150 Points Wellness Bank Coin

Earn points for lower Premiums in 2015

  • Earn 150 wellness points
  • Attend the required number of weight management meetings or classes by August 31, 2014


  • You must create an online account to receive your reimbursement of your registration fees.
    Weight Watchers at Work - $159.80 for four months of meetings.
    Create Your Weight - $235.00 for nine classes.

    Create an account now
    (opens new window)

  • As a member of Weight Watchers at Work you can be reimbursed for three programs within one calendar year and a maximum of six total reimbursements. You can be reimbursed for Create Your Weight just one time during a calendar year.

Wellness Points Bank At-A-Glance

Find out more about the many activity options available on the Wellness Point Bank chart (pdf)

Find out more information in the Wellness Points Bank overview (pdf)

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