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    Bike Commuter Program

    When you enroll in the Bike Commuter Program, you can earn up to 125 wellness points for the 2014-2015 Wellness Program year.

    Step It Up!

    Step It Up! is a great way to get more active. When you sign up for the walking program, you'll receive a free pedometer to track your steps. When you walk or exercise for at least six weeks, you can earn 50 wellness points.

    Fit Choices

    As a UPlan member, Fit Choices will give you a $20 monthly reimbursement on your gym membership when you exercise at least eight times a month. If you meet those requirements for at least six months, you'll earn 75 wellness points. If you exercise 12 times per month for six months, you'll earn 125 wellness points.

    Group Strength Express and Heart Rate Express

    Group Strength Express and Heart Rate Express are fitness classes open to UPlan members. You can be reimbursed the costs of the classes when you attend 13 of the 16 weekly classes and complete a pre- and post-assessment. UPlan members are limited to one lifetime reimbursement per class.

    Health Coaching

    You can meet with a health coach face-to-face or over the phone to help get guidance on long-term lifestyle changes. A health coach can develop fitness and nutrition goals tailored just for you.

    Online Healthy Living Programs

    The Healthy Living Programs are six-week online programs to learn about exercise and fitness. Check out the Easy Start and Get In Shape programs, and learn simple and fun ways to get more active! In addition, there are a variety of Healthy Living programs which offer a step-by-step approach to making behavioral changes, including Healthier Diet, Weight Loss, Becoming Smoke-Free, and Stress Relief. 

    Wellness Walks around Campus

    Get your move on! Enjoy a stroll through campus while burning off some calories and adding to your 10,000 steps total! Each Wellness Walk has been mapped, timed, and steps counted for your convenience. While Wellness Walks are not a part of the Wellness Points Bank, they are a fun way to get moving on campus and meet your Step It Up! goals.


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