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Fit Choices

Brief Overview

  • Earn 75 or 125 wellness points
  • Get reimbursed: Visit a participating fitness center eight times per month and get reimbursed up to $20 per month 
  • Deadline: Enroll by February 1, 2016, complete by July 31, 2016.

Get Paid to Exercise

When you enroll in the Fit Choices program and exercise at least eight times per month, up to $20 per month of your membership dues can be returned to you.

In addition to earning a monthly reimbursement of up to $20 against your membership dues, you can also earn 75 wellness points when you exercise 8 times a month, or earn 125 points for exercising 12 or more times a month. The points are awarded when you have been reimbursed six times between October 1, 2015, and July 31, 2016. Reimbursements are provided by your participating fitness center in reduced membership fees. Some participating fitness centers have different reimbursement processes; see your fitness center for more information. 

Spouse on UPlan: Your spouse covered by UPlan is also eligible to receive up to $20 per month reimbursement (up to $40 off your family plan) for visiting a participating fitness center eight times per month. They are also eligible to earn up to 200 points in the Wellness Program.

How Does Fit Choices

When you visit a participating fitness center eight times a month, the fitness center tracks your visits and sends a verification to Medica, the provider of Fit Choices. Your reward is reflected as a credit of up to $20 for your monthly dues, or it is deposited directly into your checking or savings account (depending upon how your fitness center administers the payment). A maximum of two members per household can be reimbursed through Fit Choices. Your reward generally takes approximately 60 days to process.

Enrollment in Fit Choices

The list of fitness centers in the Wellness Program’s network of participating facilities can be found on the Medica website. If your preferred fitness center is included in the Medica network, you sign up for Fit Choices at the place where you work out.

Important: If you chose a different Medica plan option during open enrollment this November, you are responsible for updating your Fit Choices account between January 1-15, 2015 with your new insurance information. This ensures that you continue receiving your $20 monthly reimbursements and wellness points. Follow these step-by-step instructions to update your account or enroll in Fit Choices.

Twin Cities campus: University Recreation & Wellness Center and St. Paul Gym
Follow step-by-step instructions and update account online or enroll.

Duluth campus: Recreational Sports Outdoor Program
Follow step-by-step instructions and register or update account online.

Morris campus: Regional Fitness Center
Contact the Regional Fitness Center to update account or enroll.

Local or Regional Facilities:
Please contact your preferred fitness facility for directions on how to update your account. A complete list of local and regional participating facilities can also be found on the Medica website

Program Contact Information


Program information

  • Points: 75 or 125
  • Deadline: Enroll by February 1, 2016. Complete by July 31, 2016.

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