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Bike Commuter Program

  • Earn either 75 or 125 points
  • Deadline to enroll and register your bike: May 31, 2016
  • Deadline to complete trips: August 31, 2016

The Wellness Program and Parking and Transportation Services want to reward you for riding your bike. When you bike 50 times from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016, you will earn 75 wellness points. If bike more than 100 times during the same time period, you can earn 125 wellness points. The way you get credit for your rides varies by where you live, so see below for details.

Twin Cities Campus

How your rides are counted depends on if you ride your own bike or a Nice Ride bike. To make sure you get credit for your rides, follow the steps below to set everything up.

Ride your own bike

  1. Take your bike to the U of M Bike Center located in the Oak Street ramp on the Twin Cities East Bank campus to have a free RFID tag installed on your bike.
  2. Register your tag with Dero ZAP.
  3. Ride past any of the RFID reader stations on campus to have your ride automatically counted. You only need to pass by the RFID reader once during your daily commute.
  4. Use the online tool to track your rides.

Ride a Nice Ride bike

  1. Sign up for a Nice Ride MN membership. Year-long memberships are only $20 for University employees covered by the UPlan. The discount code for University employees is UMNBIKE and you must use your University email address to register.
  2. Register your Nice Ride membership with Dero ZAP.
  3. Check out a bike from any Nice Ride Station with your member key. Any ride over 10 minutes will count as your commute for the day. 
  4. Use the online tool to track your rides.

Duluth Campus

  1. Go to RSOP Rental Center in 154 SpHC to have a free RFID tag installed on your bicycle.
  2. Email with your tag number.
  3. Ride your bike past an RFID reader so your ride is counted. One reader is located on University Drive, at the edge of Lot B between the Heating Plant and the Darland Administration Building. The other reader is located on University Drive near the Stadium Apartments.
  4. Use the online tool to track your rides.

Morris Campus

  1. Contact Angie Berlinger to arrange to have a free RFID tag installed on your bike. 
  2. Ride your bike past the RFID reader so your ride is counted. The reader is located on 2nd Street north of the Regional Fitness Center.
  3. Use the online tool to track your rides.

Greater Minnesota

You can participate in the Bike Commuter Program, however the method you will use to keep track of you rides depends on where you live. Contact the Wellness Program to discuss your options.

 Bike Commuter Program

Points: 75 or 125
Deadline: August 31, 2016

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