University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Elder Care

Finding Elder Care

Career/Life Alliance Services (CLAS)

CLAS offers a free referral service to locate elder care housing and health care resources. The login for the website is “university” and password is “minnesota”. CLAS can also be reached at 952-894-0727 or 800-736-6416. Senior Link

Senior Link offers a free, online elder care resource search. The site also provides a wealth of resources to support caregivers.

Paying for Elder Care

Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Account offers pre-tax savings for elder care services. You may be able to take advantage of this program if your elderly parent or relative:

  • is claimed as a tax exemption on your federal income tax return because they are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves.
  • regularly spends at least eight hours per day in your household

Long-term Care Coverage is a plan that pays for services not covered by other types of insurance. Long-term care services can range from help with meal preparation and personal assistance to 24-hour monitored care. Long-term care can take place in a variety of settings including nursing centers, assisted living facility, or your own home.

Employees, spouses/same-sex domestic partners, parents or step-parents of employees may be eligible for long-term care coverage. Each person buys his or her own policy and premiums are based on the enrollee's age, not on the age of the employee.

Elder Care Resources

CareGiver Support

The time and emotional demands of elder caregiving can be overwhelming.

Resources are available to help balance work and personal responsibilities, and address stress and emotional issues.