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New centralized ULearn training management system launches in January

In the past, U employees have sometimes found it challenging to track required University training courses and other professional development courses, because of the University's multiple training providers. That's about to change when the University launches a new learning management system, called ULearn, in January.

"The tracking, documentation, reminders, and scheduling features of ULearn are things that many of our participants have requested, and it has not been possible until now," said Claire Kari, biosafety specialist with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. "ULearn will make it possible to provide these extra services in a one-stop shop."

Carolie Carlson, director of training services for Organizational Effectiveness in the Office of Human Resources, said the eventual goal is to make ULearn the portal through which all University employees will access professional development and, eventually, non-credit courses at the University."Employees will use ULearn to register for courses offered by University training providers, participate in online courses, complete course assessments, and generate transcripts," she said.

Employees can also use ULearn to generate a learning and development report for use in performance reviews. And ULearn gives employees the option of entering other development activities into their training record, such as job-shadowing or mentoring meetings.

Jerilyn Veldof, a librarian in the Libraries Organizational Development unit, envisions that ULearn could be used by department heads and supervisors to advance their development efforts. "An organization could use ULearn to review the activities of all staff to get an overall sense of collective efforts put towards learning and development," she said. "Then, they can assess gaps between what the organization needs to learn and develop and what they are actually doing."

Training completed prior to the launch of ULearn can't be transferred to the new system. Prior training records are available via UM Reports or the Data Warehouse. For more information, view the ULearn instructional video and FAQ. Users must login using their Internet ID and password. The University's previous Peoplesoft enterprise learning management system will be shut off in February.

Access ULearn through Employee Self-Service, or the websites of the University employee training providers.