University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

SPECTRUM Certification Program Proposal

Curriculum Development Process

Training Services, Sponsored Projects Administration, Sponsored Financial Reporting, and several University academic departments partnered to redesign the Sponsored Projects training curriculum.

Working with information from other universities, and understanding that the training provided across FIRST and Training Services is very general, the team analyzed the content needed in any sponsored training program for a departmental research administrator (DRA).

The analysis of the information necessary to do a thorough job as a DRA showed that, for many units, DRA roles are split into pre-award and post-award. Given this, the program has been split into pre-award and post-award training paths.

The design team arrived at a list of courses and a proposed certification program. Both of these items were approved by the project sponsors and reviewed by user groups (such as GMUNS and CAAC), as well as key stakeholder groups.