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Most course materials are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

General Job Aids

SPECTRUM Resources Job Aid (8-19-13)

Cost Sharing Fundamentals, SP05

Cost Sharing Fundamentals Manual (7-31-12)

Cost Sharing Fundamentals Pre-read (3-15-11)

Facilities & Administrative / Indirect Cost (IDC) Job Aid (1-31-13)

Rebudgeting and F&A Adjustments Job Aid (1-3-12)

Effort Certification, SP14

Salary Cap Self-Report Form Instructions Job Aid (2-14-13)

Effort Certification Manual (3-10-14)

Salary Cap Payroll and Cost Sharing Calculations Job Aid (10-19-12)

ECRT 2014 upgrade

Certifying a Statement That Requires Changes Job Aid (3-27-14)

Certifying an Effort Statement for Researchers Job Aid (3-27-14)

Certifying Multiple Effort Statements Job Aid (5-5-14)

ECRT v. 4.5: Anatomy of a Statement for Principal Investigators Job Aid (3-24-14)

ECRT v. 4.5: Anatomy of a Statement for Researchers Job Aid (3-24-14)

Principal Investigator Certifying an Individual Statement Job Aid (5-5-14)


EGMS Manual (7-1-13)

EGMS Division Administrator Checklist

EGMS FN Approvals Job Aid 

EGMS Groups Job Aid

EGMS Navigation Job Aid

Managing Subawards, SP15

Managing Subawards Participant Guide (1-4-13)

Planning and Issuing Subawards, SP10

Planning and Issuing Subawards Participant Guide (9-17-12)

Proposal Budget Creation, SP08

Proposal Budget Creation Manual (9-28-12)

Proposal Budget Creation Process Overview (8-11-11)

PI/Pre-Award DRA Checklist for Proposal Budget Creation Job Aid (8-4-11)

Sponsored Projects Rebudgeting for Certified Approvers

Rebudgeting and F&A Adjustments Job Aid (1-3-12)

Sponsored Reporting, SP03

Sponsored Reports Manual (2-2-12)

Monitoring Sponsored Program Income Job Aid (1-27-14)

Principal Investigator (PI) Reports in UM Reports Job Aid (9-13-11)

Principal Investigator (PI) Reports Mapping for Accountants Job Aid (9-13-11)

These materials are available in alternative formats upon request. Direct requests to


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