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New and Updated Materials

Updated manuals include a change summary cover sheet.

How to Access Online Courses and Assessments

  1. Navigate to ULearn.
  2. Enter the course name in the Search field.
  3. Click on the course to launch.

Authorization Is Required for HRMS Training

An authorization form (pdf) must be signed by the HRMS Key Contact (pdf) of your college/administrative unit and submitted to Training Services prior to enrollment.

Training Services responds to HRMS training requests once the completed authorization form has been received. To follow up on training authorization, contact the HRMS Key Contact of your college/administrative unit or email Training Services.

View HRMS Key Contact Approval Process for HRMS Data Access and Training (pdf).

View information for HRMS Key Contacts only.

Accessing HRMS

To access HRMS:

  • Your signed Access Request Form (ARF) must be on file. There is an ARF plus separate attachments for different roles. If you need multiple levels of access, you must fill out multiple attachments with the ARF.
  • You will need an M Key. Note: M Key service will be discontinued in June 2014. It is being replaced by Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication.

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