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Contact HRMS at 612-625-2016 for provisional access.

Address Entry and Maintenance

This online course provides guidelines and processes for entering and editing addresses in HRMS. Topics covered include:

  • Address Types
  • Effective Dates
  • Postal Guidelines
  • Entering and Editing a Home (Permanent) Address
  • Entering and Editing a Campus Mail Delivery Address
  • Entering and Editing Campus Office Locations, Mailing, and Business Addresses

If you completed this course prior to April 21 and need to view the updated version, search for the course in ULearn then click Request.



Historical Salary Adjustment (HSA) Inquiry View

This online information provides a description of fields for viewing an employee’s payroll correction. This document will cover:

  • HSA Criteria and Deadlines
  • Connection to Effort Certification

Prerequisite: Appointment Inquiry

Access Granted: HSA Inquiry



Online I-9 Verification Process

This online course is designed for I-9 administrators who need access to the I-9 eXpress online system.

In addition to the course, a Check for Understanding must be completed to receive credit for the course. The purpose of the Check for Understanding is to ensure the course concepts are being understood. 

Access Granted: I-9 eXpress (online I-9 system)

Note: only I-9 administrators who are approved by his/her official HR Pro will be granted access to the I-9 eXpress system. If you have been approved for I-9 eXpress access, please contact Alba Vogelgesang at or 612-625-6335 once you have completed the Course and Check for Understanding.



Upgrade Training

Add a Person / Person of Interest
Additional Pay
Appointment Entry: Hire
Appointment Entry: Updates
Appointment View
Approving Time and Absences
Combination Codes and ChartField Strings  
Compensation Scenarios
Contract Details
Distribution Entry and Retro Distributions Distribution Funding Levels and Strategies Job Aid
Leaves of Absence Overview Overview of Leaves of Absence
Managing Delegations
Managing Schedules
Hiring Managers: Offer, Accept, & Prepare for Hire
Recruiters: Offer, Accept, & Prepare for Hire
Payroll Abstract
Pay Statement
Position Management:
Creating New Positions
Position Management Overview  
Position Management:
Updating Existing Positions
Post & Recruit for Hiring Managers and Recruiters
Query Viewer Query Viewer Job Aid
Reporting Time
Hiring Managers: Screen & Select
Recruiters: Screen & Select
Search Match  
Submitting Absences
Tenure and Continuous Data
Understanding Multiple Appointments  
Understanding Payroll Accounting  
Unit Absence Administration
Unit Time Administration
Welcome to Recruiting
Work Study

 To request disability accommodations, please contact 612-624-8647 (4-UOHR).