University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

HRMS Competencies and Assessments

One of the most significant components for improving data privacy and integrity and reducing risk is producing competent employees. All employees need to understand that their actions may have an impact on the University and that they have a duty to perform those actions in a competent manner.

The Human Resources Management System contains private demographic information regarding University employees. It is an expectation that the private nature of this information be maintained as not to jeopardize any employee’s identity, personal safety, and potential for discrimination.

Training Services partners with business process owners (BPOs) to identify, develop, and assess employee’s competencies as they relate to job roles and responsibilities. There are seven roles that every end user of HRMS fits into: preparer, approver, department head, fiscal monitor, HRMS key contact, position manager, and human resources director. Initially, 24 HRMS competencies were identified by the BPO. These competencies were incorporated into the following HRMS training courses and assessments as appropriate.