University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Helpful Contacts

Contact Phone/Email
Accounting, Financial Oversight, and General Ledger
Controller's Office 612-624-1617
Effort Certification Helpline 612-625-7824
External Sales  
Gifts (University of Minnesota Foundation) 612-624-3333 
Office of Human Resources 612-624-8647 (4-UOHR)
Office of Internal Audit 612-625-1368
Internal Sales 612-624-9014;
Inventory/Capital Asset Management 612-626-8222
Office of Information Technology  
Patents & Technology Marketing 612-624-0550
Privacy and Security Office (HIPAA and Data Security) 612-624-7447;
Purchasing Services 612-624-2828
Records Management & Information 612-625-3497
Research, Office of the Vice President for  612-625-3394
Risk Management & Insurance 612-624-5884;
Sponsored Financial Reporting 612-624-4313
Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) 612-624-5599
University Policies & Procedures (Policy Helpline) 612-625-6812
University Policy Library 612-624-8081;