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Most course materials are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

General Job Aids

Carryforward Balance Calculations Job Aid (4-5-11)

Financial Resources Job Aid (7-25-13)

Making the Most Common Purchases Job Aid (5-20-13)

University Purchasing Methods Job Aid (5-6-14)

Workflow and Approval Processes Job Aid (1-31-13)

Accounts Receivable Inquiry

Accounts Receivable Inquiry Navigation (11-5-11)

Reprinting Invoices (3-1-12)

Accounts Receivable Monitoring

Accounts Receivable Monitoring Job Aid (8-16-11)

Department Hold on Past Due Customer Account Letters Job Aid (5-14-13)

Asset Transfer


Bank Card Reconciliation

Bank Card Reconciliation Job Aid (7-1-08)

Budget Development Worksheet

Budget Development Worksheet - Dept. User Job Aid (9-1-08)

Budget Development Worksheet - RRC Manager Job Aid (9-1-08)

Budget Entry

Budget Entry and Position Budgeting Manual (1-24-14)

RRC Manager/Designee Budget Entry Manual (1-24-14)

Budget Entry Train the Trainer Checklist Job Aid (2-21-14)

Budget Entry Upload Job Aid (4-6-12)

Position Budgeting Page Information Job Aid (3-20-12)

Budget Journals

Budget Journals Manual (7-11-14)

Accounts and Amounts Job Aid (9-23-08)

Chart of Accounts

As of 7/1/12 (FY13+), the Controller's Organization is responsible for the COA manual. To access the current version, navigate to: The manual is always current. When changes occur, a list of those changes may be accessed in the introduction section of the manual.

Historical COA manuals:

Chart of Accounts Maintenance: Approve a Request (8-26-09)

Chart of Accounts Maintenance: Initiate and View New CF1, CF2, or Fin EmplID Value Requests (2-20-10)

Chart of Accounts Maintenance: Initiate and View New DeptID Requests (8-26-09)

Chart of Accounts Maintenance: Initiate and View New Program Requests (8-26-09)

ChartField Report Masks Job Aid (2-4-10)

ChartFields Job Aid (3-15-12)

Create Bills

Create Bills Manual (1-28-14)

Accounts Receivable Inquiry Navigation (11-5-11)

Attaching Supporting Documentation to an Invoice (2-22-12)

Adjust Entire Bill Job Aid (5-16-12)

Create Bills Entry Checklist (8-2-12)

Create Bills Process Flow (5-20-08)

Reprinting Invoices (3-1-12)

Create Requisitions

Create Requisitions Manual (4-8-14)

CPS Checklist (4-20-12)

Manage Requisitions Job Aid (10-2-12)

Standard Goods and Services Checklist (9-11-13)

Credit Invoice Approvals

Credit Invoice Approvals Job Aid (3-28-12)

CPS Change Orders and Amendments

CPS Change Orders and Amendments Job Aid (4-23-12)

Customer Information Overview

Errata to UM Maintain Customer Request in the Customers Module (9-12-13)

Data Warehouse

SQL Joins/Unions Job Aid

Structured Query Language (SQL) Syntax Job Aid

Departmental Deposits

Preparing a Departmental Deposit Type “EA” – Returning Employee Advance/Cash Advance Monies Job Aid  (9-4-13)

Prepare a Deposit for Capital Asset Sale – “CA" Job Aid (7-15-14)

Prepare a Deposit for Sponsored Program Income – “SP" Job Aid (1-28-14)

Prepare a Deposit of a Vendor Check Received: Nonsponsored – “AN" Job Aid (9-5-13)

Preparing a Departmental Deposit Type “AS”: Vendor/Expense Reimb Check Received – Sponsored Job Aid (9-5-13)


PUF Endowment Report Job Aid (5-16-11)

Endowment Detail Report Job Aid (3-10-10)

Endowment Transaction Report Job Aid (4-8-10)

Endowments Manual (4-23-10)

Endowments Navigation Path and Information Pages Job Aid (9-27-10)

Endowments: Target Income Distribution Job Aid (5-14-09)

Financial System Access, Navigation, System Requirements

How to Configure Your Computer for Excel Downloads from PeopleSoft

How to Download and Install the Excel nVision Plug-in

How to Gain Financial System Access

How to Log in to the Financial System

Navigating the Financial System

Journal Entry

Analysis Type Job Aid (3-26-10)

Journal Entry Manual (6-30-14)

Journal ID Prefixes (8-30-10)

Locating Distribution Lines on Journal Entries (3-2-10)

Journal Entry Approvals

Journal Entry Approval Criteria Checklist (4-23-10)

Journal Entry Approvals Job Aid (5-5-10)

Journal Entry Upload

Journal Entry Upload Process Manual (4-5-11)

PCard Approvals

PCard Approvals Job Aid (3-15-12)

PCard Reconciliation

PCard Reconciliation Manual (4-30-14)

Data Entry Checklist for PCard Reconcilers (5-22-12)

Procurement Process Analysis

Procurement Process Analysis Manual (3-6-13)

Procurement Process Analysis Job Aid (6-4-10)

Procurement Specialist

Procurement Specialist Manual (11-18-13)

Procurement Process Overview Job Aid (3-6-13)

Query Manager

Commonly Used Records Job Aid (3-25-10)

Query Manager Manual (4-26-10)

Receiving Purchases

Receiving Rolled Purchase Orders Job Aid (5-23-11)

Receiving for Non-Assets Job Aid (4-17-09)

Receiving Troubleshooting Job Aid (6-6-13)

Reconciliation and Fiscal Responsibility

Terminology and Pyramid Job Aid (12-14-09)

Fiscal Responsibility Validation and Reconciliation Chart Job Aid (12-14-09)

Recycle Status Vouchers

Review Vouchers in Recycle Status Job Aid (7-18-11)


Business Intelligence

Create An Interactive Report Dashboard Job Aid (10-10-11)

Faculty and Managers Reporting

Faculty and Managers Reporting Manual (12-27-12)

UMReport: Budget Account versus Actual Activity – Anatomy of a Page Job Aid (10-5-10)


General Ledger Inquiry (9-18-08)


Nine Most Used nVision Layouts Job Aid (3-8-11)

nVision Manual (7-2-09)

PeopleSoft Reports

Carryforward (7-9-09)


Commonly Used Records (8-25-08)

Query Catalog Manual (4-27-09)

Query Naming Conventions (9-17-08)

Query Viewer Manual (9-16-08)

Top 20 Queries (9-17-08)

Sponsored Reports and Inquiries

Monitoring Sponsored Program Income Job Aid (1-27-14)

Principal Investigator (PI) Reports in UM Reports Job Aid (9-13-11)

Principal Investigator (PI) Reports Mapping for Accountants Job Aid (9-13-11)

Sponsored Inquiry (9-19-08)

Sponsored Reports Manual (9-25-12)

Tools and Definitions

Journal Entry Detail Information (1-20-09)

Journal ID Prefixes (12-22-09)

UM Reports

Financial Management Reports in UM Reports (2-23-09)

Requisition Approvals

Requisition Approvals Job Aid (4-23-10)

Requisition Approvals Matrix (5-17-10)

Travel and Expense Approvals

Travel and Expense Approvals Job Aid (12-28-12)

Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement

Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement Manual (6-4-14)

Create a Cash Advance Job Aid (8-15-12)

Create an Expense Report Job Aid (4-10-13)

Create a Travel Authorization Job Aid (12-28-12)

U Market

U Market materials include job aids and short videos for shoppers, requisition preparers, and general U Market users.

Vendor Payment Approvals

Vendor Payment Approvals Job Aid (5-12-10)

Vendor Payments

Vendor Payments Manual (7-16-13)

Vendor Payment Job Aid (9-24-13)

Vendor Payment Refresher Webinar PowerPoint (PDF; 11-17-08)

Vendor Payment Refresher Webinar Recording (UMConnect; 11-18-08)

Determine If a Vendor Has Been Paid Job Aid (5-30-08)

Enter a Regular Voucher Job Aid (4-23-09)

Enter a Single Payment Voucher Job Aid (11-10-08)

Entering an Internal Sales Journal Voucher Job Aid (7-7-10)

Payment Vouchers on Hold Job Aid (3-30-09)

Voucher Inquiry Job Aid (5-30-08)


These materials are available in alternative formats upon request. Direct requests to


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