University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Training Inventory

How To Use the Training Inventory

  1. Download the Excel file.
  2. Use the either the department name or the audience column to identify what types of training your employee might need or benefit from.
  3. Visit each unit's training schedule to determine availability and any specific prerequisites.
  4. Create a training schedule for the employee by ranking importance of the content (to the employees jobs or career goals) against the availability of the session. Note: some sessions are offered by request only, or as needed. Keep this in mind when establishing the priority.
  5. Using the unit's instructions for registration, sign up your employee for the training courses identified.
  6. Discuss with the employee the training plan. Discuss why they are taking the courses, what they should get out of each course, what will be expected of them in using this information on the job, and any follow up information you will need.
  7. Establish a time to check in with the employee on the progress and success of the training plan. Encourage them to bring any questions or suggestions about how to use the content in their job to the meeting.

Things to Note

  • This is an Excel spreadsheet than can be downloaded and resorted to meet your needs.
  • Some of the training listed is available only to employees within that collegiate unit (e.g., Veterinary Medicine), or to employees who perform certain functions (e.g., custodial).
  • If the unit providing the training has a website that pertains to the courses offered it is listed. Otherwise a phone contact is listed.
  • In some instances, the website listed will link you to an online registration option.
  • The training is categorized by the department delivering it or responsible for its delivery.
  • Training that is required for a certain job is indicated by the last two columns ("Audience" and "Required or Voluntary").
  • Some of the training opportunities are available only via video or web based training, others via classroom. In addition, schedules vary widely. Consult the website or phone number listed for most current information.