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EE Survey 10-31

Take the 2015 E2 Employee Engagement Survey

The 2015 E2 Employee Engagement Survey was emailed to benefits-eligible faculty and staff on Monday, October 12. Look for an email from sent by Hay Group, the University's vendor partner. This email has a unique link for each user to take you to the survey. Please do not forward your email to others since each link can only be used once to complete the survey. Your response is confidential and no one at the University will see your response.

If you don't see an email on October 12

The University's system is set up to accept this email from Hay Group, but some people may experience issues because Gmail adjusts mail for each user. Gmail uses "priority in box" which might think this email is Spam or a low priority based on what you have read or opened in the past.

Here's how to find the email from Hay Group:

  • Go to the search box at the top of your email and type in: Click "broaden your search" to search the Spam folder. Open the message from Hay Group and click, "Not Spam" at the top to move it to your Inbox and complete the survey.
  • Or, on the left-hand side of Gmail under the "Compose" button, look for "More" which includes a downward arrow. Click the arrow and a Spam folder appears. Open the message from Hay Group and drag it into the Inbox or click "Not Spam" above the subject line.

If you are a Windows XP user

Windows XP users may experience some issues in taking the survey online. Contact your HR or IT staff for assistance.

If you are still unable to find the email, reach out to or contact your HR Lead.

Engaging Faculty and Staff at the University of Minnesota

Let's make work better-Theresa Glomb TEDxUMN screenshot

Making Work Better—TEDxUMN Talk From Prof. Theresa Glomb

Professor Theresa Glomb studies how work is good, how it is bad, and how to make it better. Her research has looked at mood and well-being at work in dozens of companies with thousands of workers. Theresa is trying to help others create positive experiences at work through growth, happiness, and satisfaction. Ultimately, she’s trying to make work great (or at least a little better). In this TEDxUMN talk she shares with us three ways to improve our working lives. Learn some simple, research-based ideas on how everyone can make their work life more engaging, meaningful, and fulfilling.

The University of Minnesota Engagement Model

E2 Employee Engagement supports the University's commitment to meet its academic and research mission by creating workplaces that energize, empower, and enhance faculty and staff. Engagement profoundly shapes both the quality of the faculty and staff experience, as well as workplace outcomes. It impacts recruiting, retaining, and developing top talent, as well as collaboration and innovation. For individuals, it affects both resilience and well being.

The University of Minnesota uses a unique model to measure engagement of faculty and staff on all campuses:

UMN E2 Model

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