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Career Resources

Plan Your Career

  • Job Interviewing

    Learn how to prepare for a job interview, present yourself professionally, and appropriately follow up.

  • Job Interviewing Tips

    Tips to help you deliver your best performance at the job interview.

  • Job Networking

    Learn how to make contacts and build relationships to help in the career and job search process.

  • Resume Workshop

    A good resume can open the door to a job interview. This presentation will help you prepare a resume that represents you at your best.

  • ResumeTutor!©

    This tutorial provides hints, tips, and ideas to help you create a powerful resume.

  • Resume Resources

    An effective resume can open the door to job interviews. Use these resources to help you build a great resume

  • Resume Samples

    These sample resumes are for common staff positions at the University – such as communications, human resources, student services, and informational technology. They are all in the chronological format. For a full view of the types of resumes, use the resume workshop or the ResumeTutor! listed above, or visit the State of Minnesota's career exploration website

  • Career Transition Resources (pdf)

    The University of Minnesota has career transition resources that are free of charge to all employees. Employees who have received a notice of layoff or non-renewal get expedited service.

  • Inner Kill Quiz (pdf)

    This quiz is included as part of the Stages of a Job presentation. The full presentation can be found on the Career Development page.

  • Individual Development Plan (pdf)

    The IDP is designed to help you determine and set professional development goals for future career growth.

  • Career Strategies Resource Guide (pdf)

    As your career journey unfolds, you will have different resource needs. This guide contains a directory of useful websites grouped into categories.

  • Smart Goal Setting (pdf)

    Achieve your career goals by making them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

External Resources

  • Metro Area Job Groups (pdf)
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits
    The State of Minnesota's Workforce Center provides information and forms to apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. If you participate in the Layoff Severance Program and receive a lump-sum payment, this pay is subject to tax and will impact any Unemployment Insurance Benefits.
  • Dislocated Worker Program
    Dislocated Worker Program services include job seeking skills workshops, job referrals and placement, retraining (including the cost of tuition), on-the-job training, and assessments to enable you to enter into self-employment. SErvices are available at Minnesota Workforce Centers at 888-GET-JOBS (888-438-5627).

Research Career Options

Links to the most popular career, resume, and job search websites. Also includes links to many local employers.